By Interactive Metronome - May 22, 2015

Miranda could walk the walk, now she talks the talk

May is a great time to share Miranda’s story. She is a beautiful young girl who was being held back by trouble processing auditory and visual cues. Her developmental delays were compounded by ear infections and surgery on her tonsils and adenoids. But Miranda had obvious flare and she loved to dress up. In fact, she hated taking her earrings off for IM training, but she didn’t let that hold her back. She would usually run to get her earrings and change clothes after IM, but she saw the improvement and was determined to keep training…with or without those earrings.

In just a few weeks she was like a new kid. Initially, she was receiving Speech Therapy, but was getting little out of it; however, the addition of IM training created the winning combination. Within weeks she was using longer sentences and amazing all of her teachers. Her parents are so thrilled that they are even considering enrolling Miranda and her sister in a private school instead of continuing home schooling. They want her to enjoy socializing with other children, something they would have never thought of just weeks prior.

Nowadays, Miranda isn’t just dressing with style, she is communicating too. Check out Miranda’s full story here and see how IM training is changing lives.

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