Physical Therapists

Physical Therapists

When the brain’s functional networks are not synchronized, individuals may exhibit impaired motor planning/sequencing, lack of coordination, poor balance and gait disturbances that rob them of functional independence and increases the risk of fall-related injuries. Physical Therapists work tirelessly with clients who have lost this timing and rhythm because of an injury or medical condition and they need a way to address the underlying issue simply and effectively.

By addressing the underlying issues of brain timing, many therapists have been able to push recovery to new heights and speed recovery times for clients. This means more clients served, and more lives are back to normal. That is something we can all get behind.

Physical Therapists understand more than any other healthcare professional that you must get up and get moving to be successful. Without synchronicity, individuals sacrifice precision, safety and independence. All the tireless work that PTs do may be all for naught if poor Neurotiming is affecting clients’ coordination and cognition.


Why Physical Therapists Love IM

IM helps your clients reach their outcome goals faster!

IM training helps clients start improving in the following areas:
  • Fine & Gross Motor Control (Neuro/Ortho)
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Gait
  • Physical Stamina
  • Fall Risk Reduction
  • Attention & Saftey Awareness
IM training helps clients overcome difficulties associated with:
  • Tramatic Brain Injury
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Prothetic Limb Use
  • Parkinson's, MS and Other Degenerative Conditons
  • Sport-Related Injuries
  • Sensory Intergration
  • Dyspraxia

Todd“I love the IM as a therapeutic tool in Pediatric Physical Therapy Practice. I have had children who can barely walk and catch a ball separately, but when using the Gait Mate with IM are able to bounce and catch a ball while they are walking. I have used IM to slow down kids who move too fast and speed up kids whose legs don’t keep pace with their body. It’s flexibility in treatment is limited only by the Therapists’ creativity!”

Todd J. Sullivan, PT, PCS    
Blake Medical Center, Bradenton, FL  

Results with Interactive Metronome®

Thousands of clients, case studies & clinical testimonials demonstate effectiveness

OnDemand Courses

Attend an exciting webinar to learn more about how IM can help improve client outcomes

Many of our PT professionals have elevated their practice by completing our diagnoses or deficiency related courses to augment their IM training services. These webinars are great tools for inspiring you with new and innovative ways to incorporate IM in many different ways during client training. While we offer a full range of webinars, some of the following webinars listed have information particular to your profession.

alex_lopez“The IM is an excellent resource to help children develop performance skills necessary for playing sports. IM facilitates the activation of sensory-processing systems that are crucial for playing sports. We utilize the IM toassist in improving balance, coordination, muscle tone, rhythm and awareness of the body in space. We believe it plays a key role in organizing motor input, output and performance.”

Alexander Lopez, Executive Director and President
Inclusive Sports and Fitness Inc., Oakdale, NY

IM Works. Find Out How it Can Impact Your Practice

With IM you can easily scale & grow your practice, all while achieving better patient outcomes!

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