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Upon first hearing of a plan to use IM to improve academic performance, I was a huge skeptic.  But, after participating in a school-based study that reported increased reading efficiency due to IM, I realized the technology must be modifying an important general cognitive mechanism.  I set out to understand the “why” of the IM effect.  I discovered a huge body of mental timing research from a diverse set of scientific disciplines.  Convinced of the importance of understanding and improving mental timing, I started the Brain Clock blog in October 2006.  The purpose of the Brain Clock blog is to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of the internal brain clock for diagnosing and treating a variety of timeing-based cognitive or motor disorders.


Dr. Kevin McGrew is the Director of the Institute for Applied Psychometrics (IAP). He received a masters degree in school psychology at Moorhead State University and his doctoral degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He was a practicing school psychologist for 12 years. He spent 10 years as a Professor of Applied Psychology at St. Cloud State University. He is currently a Visiting Professor in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He serves as the Research and Science Director for Interactive Metronome.Dr. McGrew conducts research in the areas of theories of human intelligence, intelligence testing, school learning, and the application of neurotechnology to cognitive performance and learning. He has published over 60 different journal articles, books or book chapters in his areas of expertise. He is a coauthor of the Woodcock-Johnson Battery III. Detailed information can be found at his the IAP web page. McGrew disseminates information regarding human intelligence and the human brain clock at two professional blogs (IQs Corner; Brain Clock Blog).

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