By Interactive Metronome - March 12, 2024

Sam Proves that Small Gains Matter

Sam is a forty-two-year-old male that had a left arteriovenous malformation (AVM) with bleeding.  Through cognitive assessments he was found to have severe deficits in the following areas: initiation, immediate and delayed memory for both written and verbal, insight, safety awareness, problem solving and generating options, attention and concentration with internal and external distraction, attention to visual details, planning, organizing and sequencing skills, processing speed, and math skills.

Also, Sam often externally blamed and confabulated.  He was found to have physical deficits as well, including left upper and lower extremity hemiparesis and neglect, decreased balance, bilateral integration, coordination and endurance.

Given the severity of Sam’s cognitive deficits from the AVM and bleeding, he was able to make good cognitive and physical gains through the comprehensive rehabilitation program, which included IM training.  The Provider used their clinical knowledge to create a personalized IM training plan to meet Sam’s individual needs and to make training challenging enough, but not so challenging that it prevented Sam from feeling successful and positive with his outcomes.

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