Adult Testimonials with Interactive Metronome

Adult treatment success stories using Interactive®!

Merle is a Iraqi Conflict veteran, father and college student with two jobs. It was no surprise that Merle wanted to be able focus longer; he also wanted to be able to multi-task more effectively. After a few weeks Merle started to get the hang of IM and before long he was noticing improvements in more than just attention; he was more organized and his stress level was down. Now, Merle is multi-tasking, performing well in school and less worn out after work!
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Mariko started IM therapy and within a couple of sessions improvements started to appear. She was able to set priorities and organize her daily tasks. When it came to cleaning her room. she was able to prioritize and accomplish the task fast and without any help. Mariko’s schoolwork also improved she was better able to take notes and make important annotations of the lecture without the help of her friends.
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When Kathy visits the Brain Fitness Center today she is alert and cognizant. Nancy describes her as “delightful and delighted.” Her shoulders are squared, she makes eye contact, her memory is improved enough to navigate the grocery store, and her sense of humor has returned. She is back to work as an upholsterer and has “a whole lot more years of real life” Kathy’s husband, Larry, puts it simply “I got my wife back.”
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Prior to IM training, he had lost his ability to fully extend his fingers on both hands. After performing the customized IM exercises for finger extension with Robyn for about2 1/2 months, Larry regained the ability to fully extend the fingers on his right hand and partially extend the fingers on his left hand….In Larry’s own words, “I firmly believe that Interactive Metronome® therapy has played a large part in stalling the progression of ALS and believe it should be a frontline defense therapy for early diagnosed patients.”
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Brenda was able to demonstrate independent balance. Her depression started to lift, and her hopes rose. The improvements continued, and Brenda walked smoothly on her own for the first time. Before she knew it, Brenda was able to jog and immediately decided that she had to train for a 5K run.
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Pat could independently complete Wii Fitness activities, she had increased attention span, improved thought process and concentration, the ability to multi-task, improved reading comprehension and improved balance. Because Pat made significant gains and her functional status improved dramatically she was discharged from therapy.
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Rick is a 47 year old veteran and college student. He suffered a stroke and now he is having some problems with memory, speech and number recall in particular. He used to be an EMT (emergency medical technician), so he wasn’t used to being the one that needed medical assistance. Although it was frustrating for him at first, Rick powered through his IM training and saw improvement across the board. Not only did his memory and speech fluency improve, but he is having less dizzy spells and just feels more confident. This summer he passed his compressed algebra course and is back on track for success.
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Will is a 72 year old stroke patient who was suffering from fatigue, memory problems, irritability, right side weakness, instability and lack of focus and concentration. He began using IM-Home about two months after leaving the hospital, and he has never looked back. With the help of his daughter, Will trained with IM and cognitive skill building exercises several times per week. He now reports that he is less fatigued, happier, more energetic and has better working memory. He is now also able to enjoy yard work and recreational activities.
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Joanne had no idea what was in store for her when her daughter enrolled her grandchildren into one of my Interactive Metronome® (IM) programs… “I see how much IM is helping my grandchildren…” Joanne had suffered a stroke. Although considered ‘mild’ in its severity, the impact of loss of function and onset of blazing migraine headaches was significant. The impact of the Interactive Metronome® Program on her life has been so significant that she described IM as not only ‘giving her back her life’ but as becoming a ‘positive part of
her life’.
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After using IM-Home Jason could immediately recall five numbers consistently, shift attention and reverse five numbers, recall a 12- to 13-word sentence, and recall four to five unrelated words. Jason has resumed his work in finance with renewed focus and success.
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After 19 IM sessions, John demonstrated a new independence. He is able to manage medications and his checkbook on his own. He also prepares breakfast and school lunches. John can now remove clothes from the dryer, fold them, and put them away. He has also mastered both cell and house phones. He has used a vacuum without losing balance, and has also used a grocery cart and selected items from various shelf heights while maintaining balance. John successfully passed his driving evaluation and began driving again. He has even returned to work full time. John has met his goals and is happy to be back to his normal routine.
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Bob is now able to use his right arm to feed himself, write his name legibly, make a sandwich, dial the phone and tie his shoes. Bob’s therapist recently ran into him at a high school swim meet. He gestured to her to climb up high in the bleachers to join him where they “caught up” on all of his latest activities!
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As a progressive disease, Margaret realized that IM was not a cure-all, but with a combination of an IM clinical service delivery model followed by access to home-based IM activities via the IM-Home, she was able to achieve all three of her ambitious life changing goals to a resounding, “it feels good to get going again!”
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Speech and Language Therapist Katie McDonald, uses Interactive Metronome on Todd who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. IM helps improve processing speed, which has a positive effect on Todd motor coordination and speech, giving him more freedom and the ability to maintain and improve the activities of daily living.

Dawn is a 65 year-old woman diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease ten years ago. She is currently prescribed several medications to control symptoms. Dawn also exercises regularly, which helps some with gross motor control, strength and endurance. Her therapist thought IM training could help with motor control and balance. After just a few sessions, Dawn was more energetic, getting more done around the house and playing the piano again! Dawn credits IM training with increasing her energy level and stamina, and she says it is helping her to stay ahead of her Parkinson’s!
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Bernard is an 86-year-old gentleman who has continued to be actively involved in a concrete business he established many years ago. Bernard underwent a carotid endarterectomy after experiencing a brief episode of right-sided weakness and slurred speech. He was admitted to the inpatient unit at Kansas Rehab Hospital because of his increased weakness and an exacerbation of his Parkinson’s Disease. Bernard had great difficulty initiating movement, was taking very small steps with his four wheeled walker and required assistance to perform routine daily tasks. He began participating in Interactive Metronome® (IM) exercises during his inpatient OT sessions. He was able to apply what he had learned in his fast paced business office.
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When discharged from outpatient therapy, Paul was able to perform multiple repetitive sit-to-stand transitions without physical assistance, retrieve items from overhead and the floor independently, perform floor transfers independently, transport small items while walking, and resume working in the carpentry shop. Because he has regained control over his standing balance for short periods of time, Paul is able to resume performance of grooming tasks while standing and to sing an entire hymn at church without holding on to the pew.
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Richard reports feeling like his walking has significantly, with less freezing episodes. He has returned to bowling, golfing, and participating in group exercise classes. Richard now ambulates on all surfaces with modified independence. He does not use any assistive device.
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At discharge Michael was independent with all self-care activities, including showering and dressing, all wheelchair transfers, meal preparation, laundry, dishes, and house cleaning. He gets in and out of his home independently, which requires three steps to enter with bilateral hand rails.
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same-for-case-studyMade good cognitive and physical gains with Interactive Metronome
Sam is a forty-two-year-old male that had a left arteriovenous malformation (AVM) with bleeding. Cognitive assessments showed he had severe deficits in initiation, immediate and delayed memory for both written & verbal, insight, safety awareness, problem-solving and generating options, attention, and concentration with internal and external distraction, attention to visual details, planning, organizing, and sequencing skills, processing speed, and math skills. He often externally blamed & confabulated. He also had physical deficits, including left upper & lower extremity hemiparesis & neglect, decreased balance, bilateral integration, coordination, and endurance. Sam was able to make good cognitive & physical gains through a comprehensive rehabilitation program, which included IM training. Read More

Adam's success in treating TBI with Interactive MetronomeRehabilitation of TBI with Interactive Metronome
Adam is a 28-year old made who suffered an anoxic event along with a seizure due to drug interactions leading to a wide array of both cognitive deficits and physical deficits.
After achieving his short-term IM rehabilitation goals, he had a post-test score of 32.5 ms, showing a 75% improvement from his initial score of 129.8 ms and also made a substantial improvement on the Benton Controlled Oral Word Association Test, increasing from the 30th percentile to the 92nd percentile and his Championship Season subtest increased from 40% accuracy to 60% accuracy. On Adam’s Post IM survey, he indicated that he is now better able to concentrate, focus, and understand key points more clearly. Adam also said that he is less impulsive and has more patience.
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IM Helps TBI Patient Regain Heel Strike
Kara is a 23-year old female who suffered a severe TBI, secondary to a MVA. She had significant impairments in strength, coordination, motor planning, balance, and gait. Kara had received extensive rehab services prior to being referred to physical therapy again because she was complaining of right knee pain and balance deficits.
After 18 sessions of Interactive Metronome, Kara’s gait pattern improved significantly. She was able to achieve heel strike 100% of the time when walking on a level surface, did not fatigue, and decreased knee hyperextension significantly. She reports her right knee pain is resolved with functional mobility. The Three-Minute Walk Test was administered at the end of treatment, and Kara can now walk 600 feet in the time allowed. Read More

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