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With IM you can easily scale & grow your practice, all while achieving better patient outcomes!

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    Why IM?

    Clients rely on you to help them achieve their health and wellness goals. With Interactive Metronome you have an evidence-based tool you can rely on to ensure those goals get met.

    Studies show significant improvements in attention, processing speed, speech and language skills, working memory, coordination, balance, fine motor skills, social skills, impulsive behavior, athletic performance & more! For over 20 years, IM has demonstrated through peer-reviewed research that it can accomplish all this and more.

    How IM Works

    IM helps rebuild the foundation of your most important muscle, the brain.

    IM challenges your client to synchronize a range of whole-body exercises to the beat of a metronome. The program precisely measures and improves timing in the brain. IM’s game-like features engage the client with auditory and visual guidance and provide real-time feedback while encouraging him/her to improve their scores.

    ADHD • Autism • Learning Disabilities • Sensory Processing Disorder • Auditory Processing Disorder • Stroke • Traumatic Brain Injury • Concussion • Parkinson’s Disease • Sports Performance & MUCH MORE!

    IM Features:

    • User-Friendly Interface
    • 24 Interactive Games
      (including 6 music-based games)
    • 29 Static Wallpapers
    • Avatar Builder
    • eClinic Compatible (IM-Home & IM Pro)

    Music, Rhythm & Brain Timing

    Improving rhythm and timing is the foundation as to why Interactive Metronome works. Therefore adding another layer of engagement with music, makes the program even more relatable. The software includes a calibration component that syncs proprietary music and visual feedback to the training tempo.

    Ready to Get Started with 10.0?

    With IM you can easily scale & grow your practice, all while achieving better patient outcomes!

    Featured New Games

    Beat Blocks

    Beat Blocks is a pure Go/No Go Tetris-style music game. Where the block shape drops when the player claps the trigger. If the trigger is not activated, the block moves across the top of the screen, one column to the right each beat. The player waits until the shape is in the column they want it and then activates the trigger to drop it. When a row of blocks is complete that row is destroyed. Music is layered and based on how often shape rows are destroyed. Music is diminished when time passes and no rows are destroyed.

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of the game is to create and remove as many block rows as possible and is driven by player pauses and triggers.
    • The game starts with a countdown and then begins.
    • A familiar looking, Tetris-style, grid background is displayed.
    • A shape appears on the left side on the first beat. As long as the player does not hit the trigger, the shape will continue to move right one column. Once the trigger is hit or the shape gets all the way to the right side of the column, then the shape will drop. Once dropped, a new shape will appear back on the left side on the next beat.
    • When the player hits the triggers on the beat the shape will drop. Unlike Tetris, shapes do not rotate. Hit the trigger to drop the shape so that the shape will fit in a good place.
    • There is an IM twist that makes Beat Blocks super fun. IF, the player hits a SRO then the shape will triple in size. If the player hits early or late then the block grows twice as big. If the trigger is very early or very late then the block simply stays the size that it is. This gameplay twist leverages the therapeutic value of IM by emphasizing precise timing and rewarding the player for it. Direct, SRO hits, will destroy rows faster and increase the richness of the music track.
    • When a row completes it is destroyed with a particle and musical effect. The musical soundtrack then becomes more richly layered. If, over a certain amount of time, no rows are destroyed then the soundtrack will start to delay.
    • In normal Tetris, the game is over when the blocks fill up to the top or have not filled up and the game time is complete. However, in Beat Blocks, the time is fixed and there is no “game over” condition should the blocks fill the grid, giving the therapist complete control over the treatment session.
    • The goal is to complete as many rows as possible in the given time. This additional game idea will keep that going and not end the game prematurely.
    • When the time is up, the grid blows up in a cool effect and the score screen is displayed. Points are awarded for each row destroyed and that is what is displayed on the final screen.

    Drum Master

    You are the drum master. All the other drummers follow your lead. Together you create happiness through positive, magical energy.

    The energy is formed from an ancient source of magic that responds to the tribal rhythms.

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of the game is to jam with your drum circle.
    • The game starts with a beat countdown 3, 2, 1…
    • At first, your drum circle is calm. When you start drumming with a steady beat, your drum is large and generates a heavy, bass tone.
    • A few beats in, the other drummers start joining in.
    • The other drummers have different types of drums and percussion. They add other types of beats, rhythm, and sound.
    • In the center of the drum circle is the Well of Happiness. Each beat hit helps to fill the reservoir to the top. A full reservoir initiates the full sound of the Drum Circle’s groove. The more full the reservoir, the more groove you have.
    • At the end, a score is provided based on the types of beats hit throughout the session.

    Dungeons & Dance

    D&D comes to IM Pro…Dungeons and Dance that is! Dance battle your way through dungeons filled with stomping skeletons, grooving goblins, and disco demons.

    Why do you do it? Besides your love of a good dance battle, you also love treasure and these dungeons are full of it!

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of the game is to collect as much treasure as possible.
    • Treasure is collected from defeated foes and treasure chests.
    • The game starts with a countdown and the player character starts grooving to the beat of the dungeon.
    • Each trigger hit moves the hero character to a nearby square or squares. Better timing moves the hero over either 1, 2, or 3 squares. The direction of travel is predetermined by the game code. Along the path the hero will encounter enemies eager to dance battle.
    • When the hero lands on a square next to an enemy, the dance battle begins. The better the trigger timing, the quicker the enemy is defeated. Skeletons are the easiest to defeat, followed by goblins, while demons are the most challenging, but also drop the most treasure.
    • Music is layered in during a battle, getting more intense as trigger timing improves.
    • When a treasure chest is encountered, the next beat opens it. The timing of the beat determines how much treasure comes out.
    • When the game ends, the types and amount of treasure are displayed.

    Ghost Night

    The sun has set and you get an emergency call from the police chief! Ghosts have been reported and verified at the Metro cemetery. You grab your ghost trapping gear, jump into your ghost catcher truck, and drive as fast as you can to the cemetery to contain the ghosts before they get out and into the city. This begins the longest night of your life; Ghost night!

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of this game is to capture as many ghosts as possible; the more ghosts that you capture, the more coins you receive. Music is layered in during the battle.
    • The game starts with a countdown and the player’s character, the hero, begins on the path just inside the cemetery gates. Each trigger activation bounces the hero to a nearby square; more precise timing can move the hero 2 or 3 squares at a time.
    • Along the path, the hero will encounter ghosts. To activate a trap and capture a ghost, the hero must land within two squares of a ghost.
    • Rays shoot out of the hero’s gun with energy level colors corresponding to the player’s timing – red, yellow, and green.
    • Bonus treasure can also be found in chests along the way, but beware… some chests contain ghosts!
    • If a hero becomes surrounded by ghosts, the ghosts must be trapped one by one before the hero can move on.
    • When the game ends, the number of trapped ghosts and coins earned are displayed.

    Glow Dance Fever

    You are in control of an amorphous animal dancer. The dancer will follow your lead as you clap along to the beat. As you keep up with your hits, the dancer will get more responsive to the music and additional effects will trigger. Eventually, the dancer will fill their “fever meter” and will trigger a “Dance Fever” in which the camera angle becomes more front and center, and the music is enhanced! The meter is constantly filling as gameplay moves along, and is enhanced with better hits such as SROs.

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of this game is to get the dancer to perform the coolest and most complex dances.
    • The game starts with an intro melody and a countdown 3, 2, 1…
    • At Level 1, your dancer is stepping and bobbing to the rhythm.
    • With precise, consistent timing, Level 2 can be reached, and the fever meter will increase. The dancer will receive “glow sticks” in their hands.
    • As synchronous timing continues, music and move sets continue to build until another “fever” streak is achieved and Level 3 is reached. The dancer will gain a trail on their glow sticks.
    • When the toughest stage is achieved, Level 4, the dancer will upgrade one last time and gain fire effects around them! These effects are exaggerated and “magical”.
    • If the player continues their precise timing streak long enough, they will trigger the “Fever!” The dancer will get a close-up from the camera and the music will become more complex.
    • As a finale, if the player keeps a streak high enough to “Fever!”, the dancer gets a close up from the camera and the music is made more complex.
    • To recap, the dancer will have 4 “levels”…
      • Level 1 – Stepping and Bobbing
      • Level 2 – Glow Sticks
      • Level 3 – Glow Stick Trails
      • Level 4 – Magic Dancing Fire!
      • Maxing out level 4 initiates the “Fever!”, which brings the camera angle up onto the stage.

    Home Run Derby

    Home Run Derby (HRD) is a minigame played with an IM trigger. HRD brings the excitement of the annual Major League Baseball home run competition to the IM platform.

    As the batter, the player’s success is based on the performance of consecutive trigger hits. In addition to home runs, the batter is also rewarded with singles, doubles, and triples. This keeps the player motivated by providing encouragement to continue playing for home runs.

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of this game is to hit as many home runs as possible.
    • The game starts with a beat countdown 3, 2, 1, to give the player a chance to get ready.
    • The player, as the batter, begins activating the trigger to the beat. The pitcher stands ready, anticipating the pitch.
    • Each trigger activation powers the bat. The bat flashes with a color each beat indicating the player’s millisecond timing and is color-filled and/or glowing based on the cumulative task data.
    • Three quarters through the trigger progression, or at a predetermined percentage, the ball is pitched. On the final beat, the batter hits the ball. Based on the cumulative data, the hit will be either a single, double, triple, or a home run. If the player executed a burst, then the home run will be higher with a rewarding visual effect in the sky and louder crowd cheers.
    • The direction of the hit is determined by the average cumulative data of early and late trigger hits, with the ball either going into left, center, or right field with directional variation.
    • As soon as the hit is executed, the batter starts to power up the bat to get ready for the next pitch. The beats do not stop until the session is completed.
    • The game is over when the session time expires. The stats are displayed, which include the number of singles, doubles, triples, and home runs.

    Quarterback Passing Pro

    Quarterback Passing Pro is a minigame played with an IM trigger. QB Passing Pro simulates the excitement of passing a football down the field to score as many touchdowns as possible.

    As the quarterback, the player is positioned at the 50-yard line. Receivers are positioned at the 35-yard line, 15-yard line, and the end zone. Passing performance is based on the player’s consecutive millisecond timing scores.

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of the game is to get as many touchdowns as possible.
    • The game starts with a beat countdown 3, 2, 1, to give the player a chance to get ready.
    • The player begins activating the trigger while the quarterback stands ready to pass, while bobbing to the beat.
    • The player powers the pass with each trigger activation. A visual effect around the quarterback indicates the type of energy collected… red, yellow, or green to further reinforce the millisecond timing score.
    • Meanwhile, receivers anticipate the pass downfield on their respective yard lines. Based on the cumulative task data, the target receiver will move to where the pass is expected to be thrown.
    • After a number of beats, the quarterback throws the ball to the receiver.
    • The beats do not stop so the player must continually activate the trigger. The player begins working on the next pass even while the current pass is in the air.
    • The game is over when the session time expires. The stats are then displayed, which include the number of touchdowns and total yards passed.

    Salad Samurai

    Step into the Dojo and get ready to prep! You are a Samurai Chef chopping up veggies to make the perfect salad. Veggies will come flying up for the player to slice. Clap to slice up your veggies as they appear. The better the trigger hit, the more veggies that will appear for slashing!

    Detailed Gameplay

    • The goal of the game is to cut as many veggies as possible and make salads.
    • The game starts with a countdown and then begins.
    • A 2D wooden Dojo-esqe background is displayed. At first, single veggies will come up from the bottom of the screen. As hits get better, more veggies will appear for the player to slice.

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