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Sports Performance success stories using Interactive Metronome®!

Susan is a professional figure skater. She started young, trained hard and reached the podium in international competition at the ripe old age of 15. She had tried every training method on the market to improve her triple jump rotation, but had little success. For a competitive athlete, this was frustrating. But that is when she tried IM. The clever trigger placement and exercise variations employed by her trainers
targeted the exact movement she was missing. Not only did Susan land a triple jump, but she put it in her competition routine.
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Lauren is a high school student in advanced-placement (AP) classes. Although she is motivated, competitive and confident, she feels like she has lost her ability to focus and wants to improve at lacrosse. Even after only a limited amount of time with IM, Lauren reports that she is finishing her homework faster, she has improved her lacrosse drills and she feels more focused.
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Steven was an avid cyclist, riding over 100 miles a week with his buddies! Unfortunately, a severe accident left Steven down, but not out; he was determined to get back on the saddle. His therapist worried that the damage to his knee, and the brace he had to wear, would ultimately cause problems with his gait. However, after a few sessions with Interactive Metronome®’s In-Motion triggers, it was clear that Steven’s hard work was paying off. Walking wasn’t a problem. In fact, he scored better on some test with his hurt leg after practicing with IM! It’s time to get back out riding!
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It’s amazing how in just a few days training with IM’s Gait Mate, an injured sophomore football player made significant cornerstones in his rehabilitation process. In just 5 days he mastered the walking gait (heel stride) that is usually the most difficult in the program and could move on to work on his jogging and running gait. The Interactive Metronome® provided for a much faster and easier recovery.
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