By Interactive Metronome - September 25, 2013

Interactive Metronome Among Leaders in Brain Health Research

Interactive Metronome Among Leaders in Brain Health Research


Over the past decade there has been an explosion of brain training products in the marketplace. Although most of the industry’s pioneers are using brain training for clinical therapy, the success of sites like is a clear sign that brain health is a growing field and the technology is becoming increasingly consumer friendly. As a leader in the field of brain health, Interactive Metronome (IM) is focused on providing practical and measurable gains in baseline brain function.


The September 14, 2013 episode of “The Resilient Brain,” an online radio blog hosted by NeuGrowth founder Kathy Kitts, featured a variety of providers from the brain health industry. Among these providers was Mary Schlesinger of Timing 4 Life in Fairfax, VA; Mary was discussing her use of Interactive Metronome with patients who suffer from a variety of cognitive and neurological deficits. Mary has been a certified IM Provider since 2005 and has helped hundreds of patients from ages 5 to 80. Much of her work is with children with ADHD and Autism, but her clinic also works with adults who simply want to stay sharp and athletes looking for an edge.


During the radio blog (approximately 19:25 into the broadcast), Mary briefly explains how IM technology works before going into a discussion of the amazing results of IM brain training. The other professionals are clearly impressed with her story of an infant who was missing her Corpus callosum. Doctors expressed doubts that this infant would ever progress beyond simply sitting upright because of the severity of her condition. However, after training with IM, the girl is now able to make sounds, maintain eye contact, sit upright, and even crawl. All of this was achieved by improving her rhythm and timing, which has helped to re-establish baseline brain function.


Stories like these certainly create excitement about the growing field of brain training, and the effects are not limited to child development. Simply improving the timing of the brain has drastically improved the life of individuals from all walks of life, including adults with degenerative neurological conditions and traumatic brain injuries. Interactive Metronome is constantly looking to provide therapeutic, non-medicated options that are designed to improve everyone’s quality of life. To find out more about IM and brain health, please visit our website


To find out more about Mary Schlesinger and her fantastic work, click here.


To listen to the 9/14 “The Resilient Brain” radio blog, click here.

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