By Interactive Metronome - February 23, 2017

Bringing Joy Back Into Childhood

3 year old Kevin was born premature and exhibits developmental delays. Being that he is non-verbal, he communicate through facial expression and crying. He rarely makes eye contact and has a hard time staying calm while in the classroom setting. Due to Kevin’s difficulties, he couldn’t be evaluated using standardized assessments, therefore, through clinical observations, his therapists were able to determine areas he excelled at and areas that needed improvement. 

Upon completion of therapy interventions and IM training, Kevin’s goals were to increase independence in classroom routines such as hand washing and toileting, expand his variety of play, increase participation in functional fine motor and gross motor activities, and improve non-verbal communication.Over the course of Kevin’s IM training, he showed so much improvement in his motor skills, communication and general well-being.

Learn how IM helped Kevin achieve his goals here.

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