By Interactive Metronome - February 18, 2014

Who Needs A Watch?

Who Needs A Watch?


Who needs a watch when you have two clocks in your brain? That’s right, two clocks. New research suggests that humans not only have two internal clocks, but that they at times will compete with each other.


It has long been thought that the striatum, in conjunction with the surrounding cortex, was responsible for controlling our inner clock. However, it seems that conscious awareness of elapsed time relies on working memory, which is controlled by the hippocampus. While the hippocampus is important for developing memories, it doesn’t always keep track of time. Sound odd? Maybe so, but the hippocampus is a highly specialized part of the brain with many overlapping responsibilities. So, when is the hippocampus keeping track of time?


Read more here to find out how the two clocks work together


Here at Interactive Metronome® (IM) we have always known that timing is everything. With two internal clocks working simultaneously, it is more important than ever to synchronize and improve timing. This improved timing leads to better neural efficiency and communication among functional brain networks. No matter which clock your brain is using, make sure it is accurate and synchronized. 

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