By Interactive Metronome - February 2, 2023

Setting your 2023 Goals

Now that you have settled into the new year, have you set professional goals for yourself?

Professional goals are the actionable steps you need to take to grow in your career. Ask yourself that elusive job interview question: “where do you see yourself and your career in five years?”, then build your goals from there. Below are 3 professional development goals where Interactive Metronome may be of help.

1. Take a course to sharpen your skills

Learning goals also provide an important boost to personal development. They allow you to take control of your knowledge. Attending class, passing exams, and completing the course are solid ways to measure goal progress. Not to mention, you’ll also have more accomplishments to add to your resume.

If you aren’t already IM Certified, we encourage you to consider the Interactive Metronome Live Virtual Certification Course for only $99! In this course you will learn about the scientific evidence behind IM, getting hands-on practical application to address critical brain timing skills with your clients. IM can help you improve outcomes in the areas of cognitive, communicative, motor, sensory, and academic performance. IM has also been shown to help conditions like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Stroke, and TBI.

We’ve been told, “The best live course I’ve attended in years”. 40,000 Professionals are IM Certified, come see why! Not only can you add this certification to your resume, but OTs, SLPs and PTs* can earn 0.8 CEUs. *In select states.

See the schedule here.

2. Learn a New Tool

You’ve heard about IM, but have you gotten to physically use it? During one-day live, online class you’ll be working hands-on with the Interactive Metronome equipment, getting practical training you can apply immediately to clients. You will learn strategies for individualizing IM training for clients with a variety of different conditions, so you can maximize your success. Interact with other professionals and get all your questions answered by our live instructor who has been using IM for 10+ years in her practice.

If you do not own the IM equipment, you are able to request loaner equipment for an additional $50, making the total cost of the course $149.

See the schedule here.

3. Grow your business

At IM, we understand that therapy professionals are givers with kind helping hearts. We also know that this mentality can get in way of focusing on the revenue side of your business. We are dedicated to helping our professionals grow and market your services. Once you are IM Certified, you will have access to our Business Development Tool kit, which includes Email Templates, Press Release Templates, Stock Photos, Marketing Videos and more.

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