By Interactive Metronome - December 15, 2014

BrainBeat and ADHD

In this ADDitude online article, we take a look at Neurotiming® and how restoring this critical skill can help children with ADHD.

Taken from article:

“Neurotiming®, the principle behind BrainBeat®, has been studied for over 10 years, and most of the results have been positive. A 2011 study at the Hardy Brain Camp in Santa Barbara, California, looked at 54 students in grades two through eight and found that, after training with BrainBeat® for 20 sessions, their reading and math skills improved an average of 20 percent. Behavioral skills like attention, listening ability, communication, and being able to control frustration improved an average of 30 percent.”

Read more here on how BrainBeat® can fundamentally change in-home training for children with ADHD, how to avoid training “burnout” and more information on Neurotiming’s effect of brain communication.

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