By Wendy Harron - January 23, 2015

Time to Reorganize

Time To Reorganize


During this time of year, sometimes we realize how much we really have. Kids have new toys and games from Hannakuk and Christmas that are making their space overly crowded and cluttered. To a child this can be very upsetting in a way that he isn’t even able to pinpoint…something just doesn’t feel right. Even though all of his old toys may have had a space, with new toys coming in, everything may seem disheveled and nothing has its own space.

Time to reorganize! Have your children chose old toys that are in good shape to donate to a local shelter. Children learn to be generous in their giving when they know the toy is going to another child.

Toys without parts can be thrown away. This will make room for all of those new toys! Get bins for toys with lots of pieces like Legos; label Bins and storage areas so it is clear where toys belong at clean up time. You can even have special shelves for books and some games.

Having a well organized play space will help your child feel more organized, and then they may actually play with their toys nicely and not just march around in clutter.

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