By Amy Vega - October 10, 2014

ADHD, Dyslexia and IM Training


Are there any specific strategies for using IM with individuals who have ADHD or Dyslexia?

…and additionally, is there any research looking into the efficacy of completing IM while off ADHD medications?


Over the years, we have recorded several webinar presentations from IM Providers who are achieving successful outcomes with these and other conditions commonly seen in the pediatric/school-age population. These recordings are available on-demand for ASHA & AOTA CEUs, so you can take them at your convenience. Here are some titles that may interest you:

·        Innovative Pediatric Practice with IM: IM Assessment and Analysis (Part 1)

·        Innovative Pediatric Practice with IM: Developing the IM Treatment Plan (Part 2)

·        Innovative Pediatric Practice with IM: Implementation Strategies to Maximize Your Client’s Progress (Part 3)

·        Tips for Treating Children with ADHD and SPD

·        Using Interactive Metronome in the Treatment of Dyslexia

·        Improving Reading with Interactive Metronome *FREE*

·        Integrating Rhythm into your Reading Activities Along with IM


Additionally, to the second question…to date, there have been no studies comparing the effect of IM training while on versus off ADHD medications.  It is best to consult with your client, his family, and their physician prior to making any decisions changing or stopping medications.



Amy Vega, MS, CCC-SLP

Interactive Metronome, Inc

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