By Interactive Metronome - April 5, 2016

IM and Other Treatment Modalities




The DORE program is “an individualized, cerebellar development program” that is comprised of a daily regimen of physical activities.  DORE’s goal is to provide clients (specifically students and athletes) with improvements in reading, writing, attention, focus, social skills and athletic ability.


Here, Amy Vega, discusses the differences between the programs and how DORE can compliment IM treatment:


DORE appears to address motor planning/sequencing via a top-down approach, which may be very challenging for some. DORE attempts to address timing through motor coordination and balance activities. DORE does not provide feedback for timing. DORE likely does not include as many repetitions as IM.

IM addresses timing, rhythm, & motor planning/sequencing through synchronization of motor movements with a steady auditory beat with real time feedback for millisecond timing, a bottom-up approach that addresses fundamental timing & synchronization of key neural networks. Auditory-motor synchronization ability is directly linked to the auditory brainstem’s response to sound and the development of speech, language and literacy skills (see attached research). Key elements in IM training that contribute to impact on cognitive, motor and academic acheivement: repetition, auditory-motor synchronization, real time feedback for timing, engaging.

Dyspraxia, or impaired motor planning/sequencing, is extremely common in individuals who have speech, language, and learning disorders. When motor planning/sequencing is impaired, valuable but limited cognitive resources are overburdened with compensating for the impairment, leaving few if any cognitive resources for processing, focusing & learning. DORE may be a nice compliment to IM to reinforce skills, but is likely not as effective or expedient as IM because it lacks several of the key elements necessary for impactful and lasting change in function. 


Don’t forget to read all about the Sciene Behind IM and Auditory Processing Research.

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