By Interactive Metronome - May 24, 2012

Learn more about the “Time Doc”

Many of you are already familiar with Dr Kevin McGrew. You’ve read his intriguing and elucidating blog posts and you know he is affectionately referred to as The Time Doc because of his incessant interest (et..em, obsession ?) with any and all things related to mental timing. You may also know that his unique curiosity has lead to a vast collection of literature contained at one of his many blogs, The Brain Clock Blog. Dr McGrew’s singular effort to bring together and collectively analyze the existing literature has contributed greatly to our understanding of the role of temporal processing in various human abilities and medical conditions and how interventions like the Interactive Metronome may be improving the resolution, synchronicity, and performance of our internal clock.

You may recall that Dr McGrew is an educational psychologist, but did you know that he is also a psychometrician? What is that you ask? Dr McGrew was recently interviewed by Careers in Psychology and Psychology Today. He shares his passion for the more technical aspects of psychological measurement & provides valuable insights about the profession. Dr McGrew is not only very intelligent, but he is very busy! He is also the Director of the Institute for Applied Psychometrics, Research Director for the Woodcock—Muñoz Foundation, Associate Director for Measurement Learning Consultants, Visiting Professor for the University of Minnesota in the Department of Educational Psychology, & we are so fortunate to call him the Director of Interactive Metronome’s Scientific Advisory Board. Learn more about the strategic partnership between the Institute of Applied Psychometrics & Interactive Metronome at The Mindhub.


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