A Heart to Heart About Your Heart


Let's get to the heart of the matter. Your heart is the only thing keeping you alive, so it's time to focus a little attention on the heart. February is National Heart Month and we want to remind everyone how important general health and fitness are for your brain. It isn't just your waistline that will be hurting if you don't take care of your body. Read more to find out how.

Help! I’ve Fallen…and I’m Going to Do Something About It

Nearly 37 million people every year are injured in accidental falls, and a whopping 400,000 people globally die as the result of a fall. As the population ages, accidental falls have become a much bigger medical issue; however, falling is not just a concern for the elderly. A variety of factors put individuals at a higher risk of falling, many of which can be addressed at a bare minimum of costs.

Interactive Metronome Among Leaders in Brain Health Research

Interactive Metronome Among Leaders in Brain Health

Over the past decade there has been an explosion of brain training products in the marketplace. Although most of the industry’s pioneers are using brain training for clinical therapy, the success of sites like Lumosity.com is a clear sign that brain health is a growing field and the technology is becoming increasingly consumer friendly. As a leader in the field of brain health, Interactive Metronome (IM) is focused on providing practical and measurable gains in baseline brain function. We are proud to spotlight Mary Schlesinger, an IM Provider in Fairfax, VA. Mary was recently featured during a round table discussion on "The Resilient Brain" radio blog. Read more to find out about Mary's work with individuals with neurological deficits.


Overall Wellness

IM training helps users reach peak performance! Are you living up to your full potential in the board room, in the gym, at home or on the road? If you[...]

Academic Improvement

IM training turns school into child’s play! You don’t necessarily have to feel like there is a problem just because you want to improve academic performance. Schools these days have[...]

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