By Interactive Metronome - September 30, 2014

ADHD and Brain Connectivity

Brain connectivity is linked to a host of neurological conditions. In fact, white matter connections are responsible for basically all of the communication between your brain’s functional networks. No matter what memory you are accessing or what motor activity you are trying to coordinate, your brain has to be able to talk to itself. We have talked about it in earlier blog posts, It All Matters: White Matter and You, because brain connectivity is crucial.


The connections in your brain all rely on precise neurotiming to synchronize your internal clocks and help keep the signals beaming along neurons efficiently and effectively. When that happens, your brain has extra cognitive capital that it can used for more sustained attention, coordination, working memory, impulse control and motor planning & sequencing.


Like we said, part of that extra brain currency can be used for attention, which is why IM training is so beneficial for individuals with ADHD. By combining motor tasks and exercises that focus on sustained attention, IM training can help your brain become more synchronized, more efficient and ready to conquer any challenge!


Read more about ADHD and brain connectivity here on Dr. Kevin McGrew’s blog here.

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