By Dr. Kevin McGrew - October 22, 2012

Interactive Metronome Intervention Research

In early posts at the IM-HOME blog, I described the initial stages of my interest in the IM technology.  One of the primary keys to my interest was the stunning fact that IM has been reported to improve a variety of different human performance outcomes in vastly different domains.  These included stroke rehabilitation, golf swing, reading achievement, and ADHD.  I have written that for this to be plausible, IM must be impacting some form of brain-based domain-general (jack-of-all-trades) mechanism.

In order to allow people to read the research for themselves, I have now added a new section to my Brain Clock blog—The Interactive Metronome Research side bar.  A preview of the research studies now available for reading are the abstracts and titles displayed below.  I will be updating this resource at the Brain Clock blog as new studies come to my attention.

Additional research studies, both published in journals and other outlets (professional conferences, white papers, etc.) can be found at the IM Science page.

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