By Amy Vega - October 16, 2014

Toe-Walking and IM Training


Will IM training help alleviate toe-walking?


Occupational and physical therapists resoundingly say “Yes”.

From a sensory-processing perspective, IM training seems to help by increasing body awareness, sense of self and flexion patterns. Since toe-walking can be a seeking/avoidance behavior or stim, strengthening brain connectivity and alleviating sensory integration issues can naturally lead to a more flat-footed gait.

If toe-walking is the result of a biomechanical problem (i.e., cerebral palsy/tendon shortening), then incorporating IM into muscle lengthening and range of motion activities can also be of benefit. When combined with physical therapy, regular exercise, braces, etc., IM has proven to advance therapeutic outcomes because it reinforces the connection between cognitive and motor tasks.



Amy Vega, MS, CCC-SLP

Interactive Metronome, Inc

Clinical Education Director

Clinical Advisory Board Director

Clinical Education Administrator

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