By Wendy Harron - March 11, 2014

TBI Can’t Take Your Heart


My name is Wendy, and I’ve been a Pediatric OT for the past 23 years at duPont Hospital for Children. In February of 2013, I found the tables had turned; I passed out in my home and sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Attending OT, PT, Speech, Vision therapy and counseling now fill up my schedule instead of going to work. Once the treatment planner, I am now on the receiving end of those treatment plans. TBI takes a lot away from you and your family initially; however, if you keep a positive attitude and let nothing stop you, who knows what you will be able to achieve! While having a TBI is a different way of life for the here and now, I have learned so much about brain injury since living it. Even though I studied TBI in school and worked with patients who’ve had TBI’s, experiencing one is totally different. My hope is that, as I am recovering, I will be able to find ways to help and encourage others who have TBI’s or live and work with those who have TBI’s! Keep Moving Forward!


A Poem for TBI Awareness


TBI awareness?

“What is that?” they say.

It’s something that I live with

Each and every day.


“T” is for traumatic

An accident, injury or fall.

The way that it affects each brain

Is different for us all.


“B” is for the brain,

The computer in our head

That guides each step, each thought, each move,

And everything we’ve said.


“I” is for the injury

No one wishes it to come,

For when it does your life is changed,

Where will our strength come from?


The caregivers go through so much

In the watch and wait and see.

They each have hopes and doubts and tears,

Survival is the key.


The survivors come so far each day

With progress, there’s no doubt,

But sometimes it’s slow and frustrating

And hard to figure out.


All TBI’s are so different;

Our caregivers are so strong.

The survivors are so thankful

For those who’ve come along.


Our PT’s, OT’s, counselors,

Vision therapists and Speech

Push us towards our goals each day

So every one we’ll reach.


Rewiring the brain they say

To relearn the things we’ve lost,

Striving, praying, working hard

No matter what the cost.


Our injuries can be invisible

Or sometimes they are not,

But no matter what you see in me,

TBI changes a lot.


This battle is so difficult

No one wants to fight alone.

It’s time to stick together,

For our journey’s never done.


Wear your green to show this March

That you are very aware

That TBI can effect anyone,

It isn’t often fair.


So help me spread the word

So awareness will increase,

And TBI will be well known

And ignorance will cease.

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