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Wait… What is Interactive Metromone?

Interactive Metronome® (IM) is a training tool that improves Neurotiming.

IM Training has been shown to provide cognitive, communicative, sensory and motor performance.

Professionals just like you use it routinely get better outcomes. Best of all, it’s backed by rigorous science and double-blind, placebo controlled studies

Occupational Therapists Love IM

Occupational Therapists understand quality of life, and they know how important the simple things can be.

Occupational Therapists Love IM

Occupational Therapists understand quality of life, and they know how important the simple things can be.

Life is about playing with your kids, gardening, playing an instrument, dancing, and sometimes, balancing the checkbook.

Life is about…well, living.

Regardless of the situation, maintaining functional independence is crucial for completing most activities of daily living (ADLs). To do that, your clients need to restore the efficient, synchronized communication between their functional brain networks and this relies on proper neurotiming.

IM is a tool that addresses these problems at their core, deep in the nervous system.

Without Interactive Metronome, pediatric & adult clients may be left struggling to keep up with their activities of daily living and may fall behind, lose their independence and safety in a rapidly accelerating world that is getting more complex by the day.

Free Courses, Free CEUs, What’s Not to Love?

These informative courses are FREE and will challenge you to think about the effectiveness & efficiency of the services you provide to your clients. You will learn the importance of addressing underlying deficits in timing & rhythm to improve neural efficiency in order to accelerate and exceed expected outcomes.

The Basics

Course TitleSubjectCE TypeContact
Introduction to OnDemand Certification and CoachingAllAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Published Study Results: IM for Rehab of Blast Related TBIAdult / MilitaryAOTA / ASHA1FreeSelf Study
Introduction to IM: Pediatric Application in Hospitals, Clinics and SchoolsPediatricAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Overview of Adult Rehab with Interactive Metronome for Cognitive & Motor SkillsAdult RehabAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Improve OT Treatment Outcomes by Treating Core Timing SkillsAllAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Treat Core Timing Skills for Better SLP Treatment OutcomesAllAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Using IM in the SchoolsAllAOTA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Introduction to Interactive Metronome & Gait Mate: Tools to Improve Cognitive & Motor FunctionAllAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Practice Management Essentials: Growth & Scalability with Interactive MetronomeAllAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Effective Treatment of Autism with IMPediatricAOTA / ASHA2FreeOn Demand Webinar

Advanced Courses, Interdisciplinary

Course TitleCredits Toward BadgeCE TypeContact
IM Interdisciplinary Fall Prevention StrategiesFall Prevention StrategiesAOTA1FreeSelf Study
Enhancing SLP Treatment Outcomes with Rhythmic CuesSpeech/LanguageASHA2FreeOn Demand Webinar
Ensuring Clinical Success and Profitability with IM HomeTelepracticeAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Implementing Virtual Training with IM-Home: Case DiscussionsTelepracticeAOTA1FreeOn Demand Webinar
Get the Most from IM-Home: Tips & Motivational StrategiesTelepracticeAOTA / ASHA1FreeOn Demand Webinar

Curious? Got Questions?

We have IM consultants standing by to answer your questions.

Free Downloads

Learn More About the Exciting Technology Behind Interactive Metronome

The Science Behind
Interactive Metronome

The Advantage of
Whole Body Gaming

Download The Advantage of Whole Body Gaming

Study: The Effectiveness of IM as a Restorative Modality

Download STUDY - The Effectiveness of IM as a Restorative Modality
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FEELING LUCKY? Enter to Win a Free Live Certification Course!

We draw one lucky winner per month! Enter to win!

a $249 Value!

Watch & Learn More About Interactive Metronome

Results with Interactive Metronome

Read some of our thousands of client case studies & clinical testimonials that demonstrate IM’s effectiveness.

On The Road Again with IM
Learn How IM helped Beth drive a car despite Cerebral Palsy.
Open PDF

IM & Sensory Integration
Learn about Lily’s improvements in school & socialization.
Open PDF

Interactive Metronome & ALS
Read about Larry and how IM is helping improve his quality of life.
Open PDF

IM and Focus
Learn how “Colin’s” focus has improved at home and in the classroom.
Open PDF

Why Do Clinicians Love Interactive Metronome?

You Can Feel Confident Using IM Because of Our Clinically Proven Results

Numerous studies over the last 20 years have shown:

  • Improvements in handwriting & other fine motor skills
  • Better sensory integration
  • Improvements in self-regulation
  • Improvements in driving
  • Improvements in sustained, alternating & selective attention
  • Improvements in executive functions
  • Improvements in gait & balance
  • Improvements in cognitive skills

Interactive Metronome In the News

In addition to a wealth of published research, IM has received an abundance of media attention including the CBS Early Show, CNN News, US News and World Report, as well as various segments that have aired on hundreds of TV affiliates, radio stations and national publications.

IM Works. Find Out How It Can Impact Your Practice

With IM you can easily scale & grow your practice, all while achieving better patient outcomes!

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