By Amy Vega - March 27, 2023

Hand-over-hand IM training and autism


I know every kid is different, but approximately how many sessions would be typical for an almost non-speaking 15 year-old with autism? We have done 14 sessions and it is still half hand-over-hand. I will move his hand four beats and then he will do it four beats. Initially he had no clue what we were doing and so we did not even do the LFA. Some days he would not give me hand or feet or wear headphones so I would hold the sensor and tap. We worked past that. Now he offers his hands and feet and watches and gets that his actions effect the screen but it’s baby steps. What time frame could I suggest to his mom?


Some take a lot longer…it is best to continually evaluate as you go and watch for “baby steps.” They are signs of progress. It is important to be on the lookout for those little changes you notice in person and those outside of the sessions that family/teachers notice. A lot of progress can be made outside of the IM training despite the fact that you are doing the lion’s share of the lifting…proceed as you are at an individualized pace and with adaptations that you feel facilitate progress.


Amy Vega, MS, CCC-SLP
Interactive Metronome, Inc
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