By Interactive Metronome - August 21, 2014

Featured in the News: A Focused Brain – Business Matters

Lisa Poe has a lot of faith, and not just in her clients’ ability to improve their lives. She says that a little push from a higher power gave her the courage to open her own practice, and local residents are taking note of all the amazing successes coming out of her doors. With a little bit of hard work, a glowing attitude and a desire to make a difference, Lisa has been able to take her practice to the next level. Now that her husband is on board handling the daily operations, Lisa is free to get back to what she loves most…training her clients! She is all smiles when she talks about helping everyone she can, whether they are right next door or all the way in the Czech Republic. Like Poe says with her trademark smile, “As long as they can speak English and understand my southern accent, I can work with them.”


Congratulations Lisa and John! To read the news story, click here.




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