By Interactive Metronome - November 28, 2011

Holiday season, fun and games for some and overstimulation for others…

Holiday season, fun and games for some and overstimulation for others…

The holiday season is here and is packed with a frenzy of a million things to do like: gift-wrappings, relatives coming to town, meal preparations, and chaotic shopping. If you feel overwhelmed from this then imagine the potential effects on your child. Many parents of children with ADHD or Autism may be somewhat used to dealing with the effects of overstimulation. Under the right circumstances any child can be over stimulated.  Here at Interactive Metronome® we want to wish you the best holiday season ever, and in order to facilitate that we have gathered some tips that could help you deal with overstimulation.

Try “Big Bear Hug” or “Burrito,” Give your child a hug or wrap him in a blanket, this all over pressure can help defuse some of the tantrums and the sensory overload.

Engage in activities that give input to the senses: Bake cookies, make holiday cards, go outside and play…

Make sure your child gets enough sleep with everything going on and trying to get everything ready for that special gathering, you want to make sure your child gets enough sleep.

Feed your child accordingly, only you know what foods your child likes and tolerates, so make arrangements to have some “healthy” food available for him at your gatherings. Many children respond well to gluten-free diets; so consider having options like fresh fruit and vegetables and other sugar free options.


We hope that these simple tips help you have the best holiday season ever…

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