Dyspraxia: Time to work smarter, not just harder

Dyspraxia affects an individual's ability to plan and coordinate motor tasks. It is a developmental disorder, most commonly affecting young males. The condition will manifests itself in every aspect of life, although the severity and age of onset can vary drastically. Continue reading to learn more about the warning signs and symptoms of dyspraxia.

Developmental Coordination Disorder

I am currently working with a little 7 year old boy who has a developmental coordination disorder. When you observe him, you notice things that are subtly different from his same aged peers. His body movements are somewhat awkward and he has a hard time figuring out how to move his body through space. He can’t skip or perform a jumping jack and riding a bicycle is difficult for him. His fine motor skills are also affected and it’s difficult for him to have a steady hand when building with blocks or printing his letters.

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