By holly jaillet - September 7, 2023

Sawyer’s Sensory Breakthrough: IM Improves Feeding and Sensory Processing

Sawyer is special little boy who was having problems with sensory processing disorder (SPD). His nervous system was over-responsive and it was especially affecting his feeding. He would reject any food that wasn’t the consistency of baby food, even vomiting in response to different textures; this trait was shared with an uncle who only had been able to eat five foods during his life. IM training was initially done to expose Sawyer and his parents to IM; no real treatment plan was developed and he was not doing full sessions of IM exercises. The results were amazing! One week after the sessions, I received a video from Sawyer’s parents…he was not only eating a peanut cracker, but willingly feeding his self! His family reports that he seems to be blossoming and they have decided to keep up training with IM-Home.

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