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Enhancing Memory and Balance in Aging Adults (60+) with the Interactive Metronome®

White paper presented at ISNR 2015


Adult, Cognitive Skills, Healthy Aging, Motor Skills

Embrace the power of Interactive Metronome training as it illuminates its profound impact on balance, speed, and confidence in adults, particularly in the context of reducing fall risks. This immersive study enrolled nine adults aged between 60 to 80 and charted their progress over 18 training sessions. The sessions, each lasting 30-45 minutes, were spread over two months with a six-week break midway.

The most remarkable feature of this study? The sessions involved only upper extremity tasks, yet resulted in a whopping 88% improvement on the Four Step Square Test – a measure largely implicating balance and speed. This result underscores a leap in confidence with independent ambulation for the participants – an essential stride considering they were all seated during the training due to safety precautions.

The findings shed a bright light on the potential of Interactive Metronome training, illustrating the significant gains it can offer in boosting balance and ambulation confidence, particularly for those at risk of falling. Clinicians, this study serves as an inviting window into the benefits of Interactive Metronome for your patients.

Abridged Summary & Results of Study

Effects of the Interactive Metronome® on Memory Process and Balance with Aging Adults 60+ population

YEAR: 2015


AUTHOR: Leonard G. Trujillo

Aging adults demonstrated improvement in timing, cognitive function, ADLs (dressing & bathing), fine motor dexterity, speed and balance following Interactive Metronome (IM) training. Improvements and increased confidence resulted in decreased fall risk. Despite performing all of the upper extremity exercises in a seated position, there was a notable transfer effect to speed, balance and coordination in standing and during ambulation leading to decreased fall risk.


  • n=9 adults ages 60-80 participated in 12 sessions of IM training over a period of 2 months with a 6 week break period followed by 6 additional sessions of IM training (total of 18 IM training sessions)
  • IM sessions were 30-45 minutes, never exceeding 275 repetitions per exercise
  • all IM exercises focused on upper extremities and were completed while seated

Improvements were measured on all pre-post assessments including:

  • IM Long Form Assessment
  • IM Short Form Assessment
  • 4 Step Square Test of Balance
  • D2 Test of Attention
  • Woodcock Johnson
    • Decision Speed
    • Visual Matching
    • Math Fluency
    • Reading Fluency

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