Treatment for ADHD

Don’t let ADHD slow you down this school year…

ADHD Home Treatment is Possible with IM-Home!

Does your child have:

  • Poor reading skills
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Trouble following multi-step directions
  • Difficulty completing tasks
Finally Interactive Metronome’s groundbreaking clinical device is being made available for in-home use. The benefits include: 

  • Convenient home use
  • Affordable
  • Non-drug approach

Treating ADHD without Medication

Many parents and adults are looking for ADHD treatments without medication. IM-Home has been at the forefront of non drug ADHD treatment. Backed by Scientific Research the IM-Home program is the only ADHD Brain Training device that is capable of actually rewiring your brain. Resetting your brain’s internal timing mechanism has been shown to drastically improve attention, coordination and the ability to process information more efficiently. Endorsed by medical professionals and ADHD specialists, the IM-Home program is literally the “at home” version of Interactive Metronome‘s flagship clinical device, used by over 20,000 doctors and medical specialists for over 10 years. 

Children and adults who have used this non-drug treatment for ADHD have seen significant gains in:

  • Attention & Concentration
  • Motor Coordination
  • Language Processing
  • Reading & Math Fluency
  • Control of Impulsivity

Many children have shown improvements in:

  • Grades
  • Communication
  • Interaction with Peers
  • Sports Performance
Treatment options such as Neurofeedback for ADHD or ADHD Biofeedback are on average 2 -3 times the cost and don’t allow you to train from the comfort of your own home. IM-Home is just as effective, more affordable and more convenient, plus it is yours to keep for retraining throughout the developmental stages of you or your child’s life.


Curious If IM-Home Could Help You?

The IM-Home program has empowered thousands of families, children and people just like you to drastically improve their lives, naturally and in the privacy of their own homes. What’s it worth to have your life back, family harmony and children who can strive to be the best they can be?  For a free, confidential and absolutely no obligation consultation to see if you or a loved one is a candidate for the IM-Home program, please fill out the inquiry form below.

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    ADHD Home Treatment Success Stories

    Ricky is a 10-year-old boy with a diagnosis of ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety and fine motor delay. Starting as early as its 3rd session Ricky already was making significant progress. He started sleeping through the night; his handwriting improved significantly, his attention span increased immensely. His biggest gain was that his homework was getting done faster and correctly. He became a more confident boy. “IM is so cool and it really really helped me!” 

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    There are so many children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD these days. Some kids are struggling to pay attention in class or are labeled as the class clowns or troublemakers at school or other organized events. Think of learning to focus as a foundational skill that could have an impact in many areas of your child’s life. Many parents are just astounded after they see the results after the initial IM assessment, and even more with the results they see after a couple of sessions. 

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    Emily is now able to maintain and match the rhythm of the horse during her riding lessons. She can solve mental math calculations that she was not able to do before. Emily spends more time thinking and working through things mentally. She now chooses to write during play, makes her own bed, and wants to plan her day in the morning. These improvements over the course of the year can be attributed to the integration of IM with other best practices.

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    TJ’s parents noted that TJ continued to try new motor activities with less resistance and frustration and now even rollerbladed. According to his parents, “The physical changes have stuck. He is more interactive and self-confident, too.” TJ also improved his organizational skills and ability to interact appropriately, along with better physical balance and stability.

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    Pam’s family reported a decline in temper tantrums as she progressed through IM treatment, with no occurrences in the last week of the treatment. She became more pleasant in her social interactions, both in the clinic and with peers at the community pool. Pam also asked to receive tutoring in math and wished to continue IM through the fall season.

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    Colin’s parents and teachers saw improvements in Colin’s attention, focus, and behavior. Colin argued less with his siblings and parents at home and with teachers at school. Colin appeared more on-task during lectures, with less fidgety behavior and fewer outbursts. Homework was also less of a battle. They were also very pleased with the outcome and concluded that the Interactive Metronome was quite successful in addressing many of their concerns. Colin is now less frustrated, more attentive and focused both in school and at home.

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    Adult Case:

    Mariko started IM therapy and within a couple of sessions improvements started to appear. She was able to set priorities and organize her daily tasks. When it came to cleaning her room. she was able to prioritize and accomplish the task fast and without any help. Mariko’s schoolwork also improved she was better able to take notes and make important annotations of the lecture without the help of her friends.

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