Louise: IM training and the sound of success

During Better Speech and Hearing Month, we wanted to share some great news about our clients with APD. We have had a lot of success stories from Providers, but this one about Louise really stood out. She was a bright young girl who was having difficulty reading and processing directions. However, between her "can do" attitude and a little IM training, she was able to improve across the board. As it turns out, she is also amazing at soccer! Read her story today.

Interactive Metronome Helps Teens Improve in School & Self-Confidence

IM Helps Teen Girl Gain Self-Confidence & Improve Grades
Kandyce is an extremely shy 14-year-old girl with low self-esteem who had an unspecified learning disability and coordination problems. She was failing her high school classes and hated school, so much so that she wanted to home school. Kandyce’s mother noted that she was sad, had a lack of direction and was generally unmotivated.  After hearing about Interactive Metronome (IM), her mother became hopeful that Kandyce’s grades might improve and that she might become more motivated.At home, Kandyce’s mom noticed improvements too; she did her homework without being told, and even started reading in her free time.  stayed in school and proudly passed the ninth grade and is now in tenth grade. She is noticeably more self-assured and confident. With her improved coordination and increased confidence, she plans to try out for the soccer team in the spring!
IM Helps Teen Boy Improves Reading Fluency & Self-Esteem
Smith, a 13-year-old boy, his parents sought out speech therapy because he was not making good grades in school. He especially struggled in math, and didn’t like to read. His personal goals were to do better in 8th grade, make more friends, play a...

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