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Reclaiming Vitality: Revitalizing Cognition and Motor Performance in Healthy Older Adults through Interactive Metronome®

Published in Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience


Adult, Cognitive Skills, Healthy Aging, Motor Skills

In “The Effectiveness of Interactive Metronome® as a Restorative Modality to Improve Cognition and Motor Performance in Healthy Older Adults In Eastern North Carolina” by Leonard G. Trujillo, the impact of Interactive Metronome (IM) training on cognitive and motor performance in healthy older adults was explored.

The study involved 30 healthy older adults who went through twice-weekly IM training sessions for a span of 12 sessions. Initially, each session lasted 15 minutes, but they gradually progressed to 35 minutes each. The IM protocol included nine exercises, some of which were custom designed to improve bilateral skills, and incorporated auditory and visual feedback for millisecond timing precision. Participants’ progress was assessed using the IM Long Form Assessment, d2 Test of Attention, and Nine Hole Peg Test, both before and after the training program.

The findings revealed substantial improvements in both cognitive and motor functions of the participants following the IM training (p=0.001). These enhancements ranged from increased organization, enhanced ease in routine tasks such as balancing checkbooks, improved legibility in signatures, to increased confidence in activities like water aerobics. Impressively, these improvements persisted even 6-8 weeks after completing the training, suggesting lasting benefits of the IM protocol.

The results of this study hint at the promising potential of IM as a tool to support the cognitive and motor performance in the aging population, potentially aiding them to live independently for longer. Further research is needed to ascertain if these improvements in assessments translate into increased functional performance in everyday tasks.

With the rising population of aging adults, it’s crucial to find innovative tools that can support cognitive and motor performance, promoting longer independence. This captivating study delves into the effectiveness of Interactive Metronome (IM), a technology providing auditory and visual millisecond feedback, in enhancing cognitive and motor skills in healthy older adults.

Thirty healthy older adults participated in the study, each establishing an individual performance baseline. The IM training comprised 12 sessions, conducted twice weekly, starting from 15 minutes and gradually increasing to 35 minutes per session. The regimen included nine exercises, some custom-designed to address bilateral skills. Pre-post assessments consisted of the IM Long Form Assessment, the d2 Test of Attention, and the Nine Hole Peg Test.

The results were encouraging: there was a significant improvement in cognitive and motor function measures following IM training (p=0.001). Anecdotal feedback was equally positive, with participants reporting enhanced organization skills, easier checkbook balancing, more legible signature writing, increased confidence in water aerobics classes, and other personal improvements. These gains were maintained with minimal statistical change 6-8 weeks after completing the IM training.

The findings suggest that IM could be an effective tool in enhancing or maintaining cognitive and motor functions in healthy older adults. As cognitive decline naturally occurs with age, and is often linked to a decrease in functional performance, solutions like IM could pave the way to healthier and more independent aging. Further research is needed to explore how these improved assessment scores might translate into enhanced functional performance.

Abridged Summary & Results of Study

The Effectiveness of Interactive Metronome® as a Restorative Modality to Improve Cognition and Motor Performance in Healthy Older Adults In Eastern North Carolina

YEAR: 2017


AUTHOR: Leonard G. Trujillo

Healthy older adults performed better on measures of cognitive and motor function following Interactive Metronome (IM) training (p=0.001). Participants reported feeling more organized, balancing their check book seemed easier, they were able to sign their name more legibly; they enjoyed water aerobics classes with more confidence, and gains were maintained with little statistical change 6-8 weeks following the completion of IM training.


  • n=30 healthy older adults (each participant established a baseline for their individual performance)
  • pre-post assessments included:
    • IM Long Form Assessment
    • d2 Test of Attention
    • Nine Hole Peg Test
    • IM training was completed twice weekly for 12 sessions
    • initially 15 minutes per session, progressing to 35 minutes
    • 9 exercises, including come custom exercises to address bilateral skills • auditory and visual millisecond feedback for timing

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