A Matter of Time:
9 things you should know about your brain

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Have you ever wondered how fast your brain really is? Heck, have you ever wondered what your brain really is? I mean, really, what is going on up there? That 3 lb. ball of fat uses a whopping 20% of your body’s blood and oxygen but it pulls its weight!

After all, it is the brains of the operation! Join us as we take a look deep inside the human brain, and some animal brains.

So, sit back and enjoy some brain food about your brain. It is good for you, we promise.

Did you know that a properly functioning brain can send an amazing 120,400,000,000,000,000 (120.4 quadrillion) signals per second. Yes, quadrillion and yes, every second! That is a lot of brain power, but it only matters if the signals get to the right places.

“White matter integrity or dysfunction has been implicated in a wide variety of cognitive disorders or abilities, including cognitive control, math and intellectual giftedness, fluid intelligence or reasoning, processing speed, reading, decrease in cognitive functioning, medication, working memory, vascular cognitive impairment, ADHD, autism, and cognitive and language maturation in infants.”

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