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Extend your clinical practice beyond your clinic walls & into patient’s homes. Perfect during COVID-19.

Listen as April Christopherson, OTR/L, describes how she has implemented the Telemedicine features of Interactive Metronome to sustain & grow her practice while keeping clients progressing & winning.  Parents, learn more.

Sustain Your Practice During COVID-19 with IM-360’s Remote Training

COVID-19 is forcing private practitioners, hospitals, and schools to figure out ways to help their clients and stay in business.

Time, funds, distance, and yes, COVID-19 is a major obstacle to one of the most important facets of therapy: repetition.

IM-360 is a cloud-based, turn-key Telehealth system that allows clients to continue their IM therapy at home. This breakthrough, cloud-based modality is helping clinicians sustain & grow their practice during COVID-19.

IM-360 offers unprecedented trackability and best of all, it’s fun and clients love training on it.

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IM-360’s Telehealth Benefits

  • Easy to set-up and works seamlessly in a home environment.
  • Get certified quickly online or over the phone
  • Train your clients remotely with proven IM technology
  • Once your clinic reopens, continue in-person training with IM-Pro
  • Access IM-360 eClinic via “the cloud”
  • Trackability to monitor & validate training
  • Mature, proven platform backed by science
  • IM training template library for easy client setup
  • Customizable training plans
  • Access clients’ training reports in real-time
  • Robust client messaging system to encourage compliance

How Remote Training Works

IM-360 is a complete end-to-end treatment solution that works within your clinic and remotely at your client’s home. Here’s how it works:

  • IM-Home treatment stations are sent to clients, who receive your tailor-made interactive metronome home training plan.
  • Clients perform their training exercises at home & scores are instantly uploaded to the cloud, where you can review progress and adjust the plan as needed.
  • Clinicians use the cloud-based eClinic’s messaging system to alert clients to treatment changes, to give specific directions, or just to give words of encouragement.
  • Clinicians can often bill for both IM training and telehealth therapy sessions (see FAQ & Telehealth Guidelines)
  • Once your clinic reopens, clients can resume training with IM-Pro at your clinic, without missing a beat because all training sessions are synced into e-Clinic.

Telehealth Services

  • It’s the perfect time for telehealth services, using Zoom and IM-360
  • IM home training can be billed under new telehealth rules as long as you are connected via video.
  • Schedule a call with IM to learn about getting setup with IM-360
  • IM-360 training and telehealth consultations are now billable for insurance for OT, SLP & PT professionals. Requirements vary by state. Visit our IM-360 & Telehealth FAQ Page for more information. View the Telehealth Guidelines PDF for specific examples of IM-360 billing models.
  • IM-360 provides documented, client trackability
  • IM-360 bulk discounts available

How do I offer IM-Home Training to my Clients?


*** If you don’t own IM-360, contact us because we have generous specials running to help you get started quickly!

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Getting IM-360 Certified

Getting IM-360 certification is quick and easy! The fastest method is over the phone with an IM representative or you may take the FREE OnDemand IM-Home Certification Course (worth 0.1 ASHA & AOTA CEUS).

To get IM-360 certified contact your regional rep who can put you into contact with our IM-360 certification department.

After getting certified you will also be listed on the IM Locator Board as IM-360 Certified which can help boost your exposure as an Interactive Metronome telehealth specialist.

Getting Started is Easy

If you’re an existing IM-Pro provider, you can login and order remote IM-Home units online and we can even ship units directly to your clients.

If you’re not an IM-Pro provider already, we recommend you call us or schedule a consultation, so we can work with you to get your facility set up to deliver IM-Pro & IM-Home training.

IM Home
Clinicians IM-Home Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’ve got questions about how IM home training can be integrated into your practice and how the telehealth aspect might work in your particular situation.

We’ve put together a FAQ page and a Telehealth Guidelines PDF to answer all your questions.

We also have consultants we can recommend to help you with the telehealth implementation and insurance billing. These experts can guide you on telehealth setup, insurance billing, state requirements and best practices.

IM-Home Works.
Find Out How It Can Impact Your Practice

IM-Home allows you to remotely train clients & grow your practice with proven Interactive Metronome technology.

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