Clinical Certification

  Step 1 Step 2
  • Set-up Pro Equipment

  • Software interface and it’s features

  • Set-up a Long-Form Assessment (LFA

  • What other therapies can be done along with IM

Online Post-test, Perform self-LFA, turn in FREE IM-Home Demo Voucher.
Must have IMPro 8.3 to qualify*

  • Evaluate LFA Set up training plan

  • Modify training plan

  • Candidates for IM

  • Integrating the IM System into your current practice

Online post-test, complete 4-day training plan sent to you in e-mail.


After successfully passing the step 2 post-test you will be listed in the IM locator board.

IM-home Certification


Step 3

Step 4

  • How to set-up & use the eClinic

  • Set-up IM-Home Training System

  • How to authorize a license

  • How to set up the LFA

  • How to choose a training template

Complete 4-day distance training in eClinic.

  • When to adjust the training

  • How to customize templates

  • Identifying the best fit between clinic and distance training

  • How to market your services

  • How to charge for your services

Online post-test & Evaluation.


After successfully passing step 4 post-test you will be listed on the IM Locator Board as IM-Home Certified.

IM-Home Specialist Certification


Step 5

Step 6

  • Ratings & Assessments

  • Your responsibilities as an IM-Home Specialist

  • How to choose a template based on the LFA

  • Scheduling your clients IM-Home sessions

  • How to motivate your client remotely

  • Case Analysis

  • Let’s talk about your client

Receive Motivation Package in the Mail.

  • Evaluating client progress and adjusting the training plan.

  • Case Analysis

  • Let’s talk about your client

Online post-test & Evaluation


After successfully passing step 6 post-test you will be listed on the IM Locator Board as an IM-Home Specialist.



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