Physicians / Chiropractors Problems with sensory feedback and integration are generally associated with neurological conditions. Neurological disorders can extend into areas of memory, language/speech, processing, attention, planning and sequencing. Additionally,[...]

Overall Wellness

IM training helps users reach peak performance! Are you living up to your full potential in the board room, in the gym, at home or on the road? If you[...]

Developmental Optometrist

Developmental Optometrists Developmental optometrists, also known as behavioral or pediatric optometrists (if your specialty is with school age children), are more than your average eye doctor. There is more to[...]

Academic Improvement

IM training turns school into child’s play! You don’t necessarily have to feel like there is a problem just because you want to improve academic performance. Schools these days have[...]

Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Professionals Like the family and caregivers they work with everyday, mental health professionals are concerned with an individual approach to treatment. Whether it is a clinical psychologist focusing on[...]

Athletic Enhancement

IM training helps users dominate the field! Athletes are well aware of the importance of timing, coordination and split-second decision-making. Anyone who has missed a buzzer-beating shot or finished second[...]

Educators/School Psychologists

Educators & School Psychologists Today, maybe more than ever, schools are facing heavy pressure to keep standardized test numbers high and budgets low. This approach to educating children usually means[...]


Gaining clarity with natural timing and rhythm! Dyslexia is the most common reading disability, but it is unique from other reading difficulties because it is not just a receptive language-base[...]

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