IM-Home Certification Materials

Interactive Metronome is dedicated to helping your practice soar! Not only do you get training materials to become familiar with IM-Home, but we’ve created a ton of branded materials to help you market your home services. In addition, our website has a section for Parents & Caregivers to learn more about IM-Home.

IM-Home Certification Course Video & PowerPoint

To receive credit for taking this course you must:

    • Log into the Provider Login
    • Enter your username and password, if you do not know it, e-mail
    • Click on “My Courses”
    • Take the exam and course evaluation
    • Upon completion, you will be listed as IM-Home Certified on the locator board

IM-Home Provider Materials

We recommend that you print out the following materials and organize them in a binder before starting the course.

IM-Home Quick Start Guide
As an IM-Home provider its important to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of IM-Home, that includes setting it up. We’ve provided you with the same Quick Start guide that is included in each IM-Home package for your reference.

Provider Marketing Materials

Time, funds, distance and yes, even quarantines are a major obstacle to one of the most important facets of therapy: repetition.  This breakthrough, cloud-based modality is helping clinicians sustain & grow their practice because it allows clients to continue their IM training at home.  IM-Home is the perfect  Telehealth  tool, offering unprecedented tracking to monitor compliance compared to other modalities.

Clinicians can often bill for IM-Home training as a Telehealth therapy service following certain rules. Visit IM-Home for Clinicians to learn more.

NOTE: Providers do not have access to edit our folders. We do however give you access to download the files to use as you need.
When you visit the Dropbox link all you need to do is click the Download link in the upper right corner and the files will be saved to your computer.

Is IM-Home Right for Me? Presentation
A detailed PowerPoint presentation designed for clients to learn more about how IM-Home has helped children and adults with conditions ranging from ADHD and Autism to Brain Injury and even Sports Performance.


Download this graphic to promote your services on your social media profiles.Download Graphic Now »
Pre-Screening Form
Use this pre-screening form +IM indicator chart to create a baseline for IM-Home training with new clients. Provide recommendations and pricing for clinical and home training sessions.
IM-Home Gatefold Brochure
This 8.5” x 14” brochure is a comprehensive marketing tool to promote your IM-Home services. You’ll be able to review what IM-Home is, how it works and the benefits of this revolutionary tool to potential IM-Home clients. We’ve left an area for you to include your contact information.
IM-Home Emails
Email marketing is an essential tool to promote your IM and IM-Home services to your clients and potential new ones. We’ve created a pediatric and adult email series that you can edit to send out to your email list. Each email has relevant articles, success stories and space to add your own content.
Developmental Milestones
This flyer provides an illustrated view of the growth milestones based on age. In addition, it provides examples of how IM-Home can be a valuable tool to help children meet those developmental goals.
IM-Home for the Holidays eBook
The focus of the IM-Home for the Holidays eBook is to provide clients with tips to keep their children busy when on holiday break, but these tips can really be used throughout the year to keep children from bouncy off the walls while still being fun and educational. You can display this eBook around the office, given directly to clients or even send it via email.
Cost of a Changed Life Poster
This 12.5” x 16” poster can be scaled down to use as a flyer or postcard to highlight some of the benefits of IM-Home. We have even left room in the bottom corner for you to include your practice's contact information.
Sight Sound Physical Movement
The Sight Sound Physical movement poster is the illustrated explanation of the Interactive Metronome technology including the guide sound visual aid. This poster could be placed in the treatment room for reference as needed.
Where The Heart Is Cards
We’ve created both an adult and pediatric version of the “Where the heart is” flyer, to advertise your I-Home services to clients.
IM-Home Equipment & Features
This flyer provides potential clients a detailed overview of the IM-Home equipment and features, including how the eClinic allows providers to ensure efficient communication between clients.
IM-Home Case Study
IM-Home veteran, April Christopherson, OTR/L, private clinic owner and IM instructor, provides two IM-Home success stories detailing treatment strategies and overall improvements. You can use this flyer to highlight the benefits of using IM-Home with both pediatric and adult clients, it’s ideal for waiting and treatment rooms.
IM-Home Single Fold Brochure
We’ve taken our larger gatefold brochure and scaled it down to 8.5” x11” for easy printing.
IM-Home Direct Mail Piece
This 9” x 6” postcard can be sent directly to clients to promote your IM-Home services throughout your area.
Expand Your Reach Flyer
The Expand Your Reach Flyer is designed to explain how adding IM-Home at a treatment modality can allow you to treat more clients than in the clinic alone.
IM Special Sauce
It’s important to understand the science behind IM, but all the details can be confusing to a client, to make it simpler we’ve created the “IM Special Sauce” Flyer. The flyer explains the importance of timing in the brain and how Interactive Metronome is the right tool for maximizing gains. You can even include your contact information on the flyer.
Time for Success Poster
This poster features the IM avatars performing various IM training exercises and best practices. Hang this poster in your waiting room, office, or treatment room as a fun way to promote your IM services.

Additional Provider Training

Here are FREE IM-Home Webinars for you to watch and learn even more about IM-Home and incorporating it successfully into your practice.

Ensuring Clinical Success & Profitability with IM-Home
This presentation will focus on the fundamentals of business planning for clinical success and profitability with IM-Home. It will look at the components of the IM-Home business model, including the target client population, options for providing training to the client, how to manage and track costs, how to price the IM-Home, and how to bill, including cash and insurance billing.
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Implementing Virtual Training with IM-Home: Case Discussions
Virtual training is a concept of using IM-Home with clients who are not able to see the clinician in person. Virtual clients may have restrictions (such as insurance, transportation, health limitations or location) which prevent them from keeping weekly appointments with the clinician. The concept of Virtual training offers both the clinician and the client ease of use and all the benefits of traditional IM Training.
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Get the Most from IM-Home: Tips and Motivational Strategies
This course is designed to help IM Providers of all professional disciplines successfully transition clients from Interactive Metronome® (IM) training in the clinic or school setting to training in the home setting with IM Home.
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Telehealth with IM-Home

Marketing 101

Insurance & Billing

Additional IM Marketing Materials

Use these marketing materials to promote your Interactive Metronome services to current clients and attract new ones. You can display informative brochures and literature in your reception area, treatment rooms and events. We've even provided stock images for your to create your own.

PowerPoint Presentations

This presentation was developed for Providers to present to clients.

General Ped & Adult PPT


View all Success Stories
You can choose a relevant case study based on DX from the website and attach it in an email promoting your services.

How IM Works Infographic

ADHD Special Report

Research Infographics

Use these research infographics to show the efficacy of IM. You can send these in email campaigns and post on your social media profiles. (There are 7 graphics in this folder)

Research Flashcards + Free Demo Sign

We've made all our research easily accessible and simple to review. Each flashcard contains a summary of each study including outcomes and methodology.

Stock Images

You can use these images to create your own marketing materials or to advertise your IM services on your website.

Social Media Posts

Use these ready-made graphics to post on your business Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram profiles.


We've created a variety of eBooks for you to both reference and use as an email attachment for your marketing messages. (There are 6 eBooks in this folder)


We've created infographics illustrating research outcomes and diagnosis information. You can use these in email marketing, on your website and post on social media. (There are 6 infographics in this folder)

Additional resources can be found on the business development tool kit. Login to view now.

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