By holly jaillet - November 28, 2023

Drug Free ADHD Treatment

Aaron struggled with social interaction and learning due to undiagnosed allergies and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Despite numerous attempts with diet changes and vitamins that bore no fruit, and resorting to ADHD medication that didn’t alleviate his school struggles, Aaron’s breakthrough came with the Interactive Metronome program. It remarkably improved his brain function and learning ability, with noticeable changes from the very first day. His reading levels surged from 28% to 73% in just two months. This progress shifted his parents’ outlook from despair, thinking he would never lead an independent life or attend college, to hope and planning for his future education. Similarly, Lori Schmidt, who connected with the Davis family’s ordeal through her own son’s challenges, found solace and purpose in helping others with the IM program. Aaron’s newfound happiness, social engagement, and leadership at school epitomize the program’s success, offering his family a once-unthinkable bright future.

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