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Sean’s Journey to Transformation: IM Program’s Impact on a Complex Set of Challenges

Sean was adopted at nine months old, now 11 years old, lives with his mother, father, and two sisters. For much of his life, Sean has suffered from mood swings, severe behavioral problems, and difficulty sleeping. He’s been diagnosed with several different disorders, including Cognitive Deficits, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD), and possible Ring 21 Syndrome. He takes several medications to manage these conditions. When Sean first started IM, his performance measured in the extreme deficiency range. His speech-language, listening, and comprehension skills were also far below average. He also struggled with low self-confidence. During the course of the IM, Sean showed marked gains. Sean’s mother reports a fantastic improvement in his behavior at home, as well as his attitude toward education and social skills. She credits the IM program with restoring hope for her little boy, where medication and traditional therapy had failed.

Ricky’s Remarkable Transformation: IM’s Impact on ADHD, Asperger’s, and Anxiety

Ricky is a 10-year-old boy with a diagnosis of ADHD, Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety and fine motor delay. Starting as early as its 3rd session Ricky already was making significant progress. He started sleeping through the night; his handwriting improved significantly, his attention span increased immensely. His
biggest gain was that his homework was getting done faster and correctly. He became a more confident boy. “IM is so cool and it really really helped me!”

Molly’s Improved Focus and Organization: How IM Training Made Homework Easier

Molly, a 10-year-old 5th grader, had a recent diagnosis that included ADHD, and she was said to be showing signs of High Functioning Autism. Molly’s mother noticed that her daughter would regularly forget things at home and school, and was unable to keep her belongings organized. When Molly’s mother saw the Interactive Metronome (IM) website, she read the content with a certain level of suspicion and doubt, but as a parent who wanted to do whatever she could to help Molly and lessen her frustrations, she decided to give IM a try. When Molly was asked what had changed for her since taking the IM training, she replied, “Everything is much easier for me now. It’s much easier to do my homework than it was before.”

Unlocking Brian’s Potential: IM Training’s Remarkable Impact on a Young Patient’s Life

Brian is seven years old, and the youngest of three children. His parents report that Brian has difficulty with language processing, attention, impulse control and distractibility. He also has problems following directions and experiences “emotional meltdowns.” While a variety of medications have proved mildly effective, Brian’s parents and teachers report marked improvement after IM training. One of his teachers said, “Whatever is going on is really helping him!…Please keep it up.” Brian’s motor skills have improved, his emotions are under control and he has finally been able to return acting at the local theatre.

TJ’s Journey to Improved Confidence and Physical Abilities with IM Training

TJ’s parents noted that TJ continued to try new motor activities with less resistance and frustration and now even rollerbladed. According to his parents, “The physical changes have stuck. He is more interactive and self-confident, too.” TJ also improved his organizational skills and ability to interact appropriately, along with better physical balance and stability.

Harmonizing Potential: Shay’s Journey to Academic Success and Self-Esteem with IM Therapy

Shay is an 11 year old girl with ADHD and LD. Shay’s troubles in school have greatly impacted her self confidence; she has become embarrassed around other children and withdrew from most activities. The teasing turned to bullying and Shay had begun to miss assignments and time at school. After just 15 sessions with IM, Shay’s fine motor control and coordination had improved, which greatly improved her writing and ability to finish assignments. For the first time Shay was passing her classes in school and reporting less frustration and time constraints. She has stopped missing school and her self esteem has skyrocketed.

Rhythmic Remedies: Enhancing Dance Performance and Cognitive Skills in a Child with ADHD and Dyspraxia through IM Training

Thea is a young girl that just wants to dance. She has the energy, there is no doubt about it; she is diagnosed with ADHD and is medicated for hyperactivity and impulsivity. Additionally, she is diagnosed with dyspraxia and she suffered a traumatic brain injury when she was younger. After a few weeks with IM, Thea is paying closer attention and learning her dance routines with much less practice. Her coordination is better and she is staying on task. Her handwriting has also improved and she is finishing homework assignments faster, which has freed up the extra time she needs since she made the advanced dance squad!

Fine-Tuning Focus: A Case Study on IM Training’s Impact on Pediatric ADHD Management

Ikuya was a fun loving kid, but he just couldn’t stay on task. Additionally, he was acting childish for his age, withdrawing at school, generally uncoordinated and he was having difficulty understanding instructions. When Ikuya’s mother began researching ADHD treatments, she came upon IM training and it changed their life forever. In just a few weeks Ikuya’s handwriting improved, he began answering questions appropriately and he wasn’t forgetting assignments. There was also a marked improvement at school; his mother reported that he came home a few weeks later with his first 100% on a quiz. On top of that, he is back to playing and enjoying activities with his classmates!

Colin’s Positive Transformation: How Interactive Metronome Helped Improve Attention and Behavior

Colin’s parents and teachers saw improvements in Colin’s attention, focus, and behavior. Colin argued less with his siblings and parents at home and with teachers at school. Colin appeared more on-task during lectures, with less fidgety behavior and fewer outbursts. Homework was also less of a battle. They were also very pleased with the outcome and concluded that the Interactive Metronome® was quite successful in addressing many of their concerns. Colin is now less frustrated, more attentive and focused both in school and at home.

Focusing on Success: How IM Training Can Benefit Children with Attention Challenges

There are so many children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD these days. Some kids are struggling to pay attention in class or are labeled as the class clowns or troublemakers at school or other organized events. Think of learning to focus as a foundational skill that could have an impact in many areas of your child’s life. Many parents are just astounded after they see the results after the initial IM assessment, and even more with the results they see after a couple of sessions.

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