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Kandyce’s Confidence Boost: IM’s Role in Academic Success and Soccer Dreams

At home, Kandyce’s mom noticed improvements too; she did her homework without being told, and even started reading in her free time. She stayed in school and proudly passed the ninth grade and is now in tenth grade. Kandyce is noticeably more self-assured and confident. With her improved coordination and increased confidence, she plans to try out for the soccer team in the spring!

Ann’s Athletic Transformation: From Lacrosse to Cheerleading with IM

Ann reported that she had begun freshman lacrosse camp at her high school with surprising adeptness in her ability to play the game. She also noted a dramatic improvement in her ability to catch the ball after it bounced off the wall with 100% accuracy, an improvement over her previous performance accuracy of 40-45%. By the last session, Ann also made the Varsity cheerleading squad and the competitive cheerleading squad at her high school. This was quite a feat for an incoming freshmen student. Her self-esteem was obviously boosted by her newfound performance ability.

Foundation for Friendship: IM’s Impact on Coordination and Social Skills

My little 10-year-old friend was struggling. No one wanted to play with him on the play ground, he really didn’t have any friends and he was just getting by in school. He struggled in Boy Scouts with the different crafts and knot tying. After several months of traditional OT, his therapist decided that it was time for some IM to help with his foundational skills for coordination and timing.

Michael’s Progress with IM: From Fine Motor Skills to Music and Independence

Michael is following 1-step commands that are given to him. He is pointing at and identifying simple shapes. He is focusing on a fine motor activity for up to 15 minutes in duration without exiting the activity.Michael’s family is thrilled with the progress he has made with IM. He loves to go to music class
and has started singing Baa Baa Black Sheep, Row, Row Your Boat and Itsy Bitsy Spider. When they go to lunch, he grabs his tray and moves it along the lunch line. He’s also opened up to his classmates, and is thoroughly enjoying their company!

Smith’s Reading Journey: How IM Improved Grades and Self-Esteem

His mother saw changes not only in his self-esteem but by the time Smith finished IM he was reading more fluently, his grades had improved and he was enjoying life in general. Both Smith and his mother could not express in words how thankful they were for the IM program. As for his goal to play a sport, he’s very excited to be on the basketball team this semester!

Jorden’s Inspiring Journey: Overcoming Challenges with IM Training, Motor Impairments

Jorden is a 13 year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy, agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, seizures, developmental delays and cortical blindness. When Jorden was born, doctors told his parents that he wouldn’t live very long and they should just enjoy the time they had with him. That wasn’t the answer they wanted…and Jorden was too strong to let that happen either. He has been receiving therapeutic services for a few years, but IM training really pushed him over the top. He is now dressing himself, bathing, going to the barber and singing along at church. As it turns out, Jorden loves classical music and puzzles!

Emma’s Transformation: Making Eye Contact and Recognizing Loved Ones

Emma now makes and maintains eye contact, smiles, and shows emotion. Her startle reflex is greatly reduced, and she is totally non-defensive when her feet or hands are touched. After spending two days at home with Emma, Emma’s father said “For the first time ever, she knows who I am. She recognizes me when she sees me.” Everyone in Emma’s life can testify to the global improvements she made as a result of IM.

Layla’s Speech Progress: From Babble to Communication with IM

Layla has begun using sign language in 2-3 word combinations to increase her ability in being understood and expressing herself. She is using her eyes to track objects in her immediate environment, and she has begun to develop fine motor manipulative skills to further aid her in proper motor skills development. Layla’s mother reports that her utterances have increased drastically and now she makes sounds such as “ba,” “da,” “ma,” and “pa,” which are all clear indications of speech babble prior to beginning purposeful speaking. It’s music to her mother’s ears!

Andrew’s Life-Changing Journey with IM: Improved Relationships and Communication

Andrew was a 16-year-old, junior in high school, who was diagnosed with learning disabilities at age three, he underwent numerous therapies, which helped him make it this far in the public school system. On the surface, his life seemed normal, but he struggled with relationships, learning skills, and his communication abilities. He would often experience trouble with friends at school or get upset with teachers and complain to his mother about these events. After Andrew completed his IM training his mother noticed the small things didn’t easily anger him any more. Interactive Metronome® has really impacted Andrew’s life in a big way, and both he and his parents are so thankful he completed IM training.

Valeri’s Incredible Transformation: From Limited Communication to Confidence

Recently Valeri, for the first time, went to the refrigerator to pour herself a glass of juice without any assistance. She started to talk, not just a little, but all the time. At the first teacher conference, the teacher remarked that Valeri was participating and raising her hand to give answers. Her grades dramatically improved from her usual C-level work, up to A and B+ levels. Her personality kept flourishing and Valeri was full of never-before-revealed information. Her confidence is now very evident and she has even worn her first pair of blue jeans like all the rest of the kids, managing them independently.

Meg’s Remarkable Recovery: How IM Helped Reclaim Her Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury

When she was just 15, Meg was involved in a devastating car accident where she sustained a traumatic brain injury. With shortened school days and impaired performance defining her new reality, Meg felt desperate to find a way to reclaim the life she once knew and to help others in her situation, leading her to begin a career as a physical therapy assistant at the very same clinic she completed her rehabilitation. After just a week of treatment her movements developed fluidity and by the second week her ability to concentrate on the tone dramatically improved. Meg’s sense of balance and physical coordination returned to her by her sixth session. At 21 years old, Meg has done more than simply achieve her goal of regaining the life she thought she lost in her car accident- she’s been able to create a fuller, more satisfying life, one in which she helps others achieve the freedom of thought and movement she feared she lost forever.

Adam’s Inspiring Journey: Achieving Academic Success and Independence with IM

Adam is able to demonstrate higher-level skills and do math and science at his age level. He can communicate with a spell board and Vanguard. Through it all, Adam has maintained his great sense of humor. Ultimately Adam has become more motivated and independent, and gained self-confidence. Adam was awarded the Chair Scholar Scholarship, a prepaid four-year college tuition for students with significant disabilities seeking a regular diploma.

Tara’s Journey to Independence: How IM Improved Motor Coordination and Memory

At the time Tara started with Interactive Metronome®, she was a 14-year-old girl who faced motor coordination challenges, and also had problems with memory, recall, and environmental auditory and motor processing. It affected her independence, as her inability to take directions and follow routines affected her ability to care for herself. After only a few Interactive Metronome® sessions, Tara was able to complete a movement sequence independently, and adjust her rate of response to reflect the tempo of each exercise more accurately, while using her upper and lower extremities independently. Tara’s parents are also delighted with how much she improved. She can complete self-care tasks more efficiently, and needs fewer cues to accomplish her tasks. Even her strength and endurance has improved while carrying out motor coordination tasks. And she can now complete multiple -step tasks more accurately at home – and is now able to follow a recipe!

Joanne’s Breakthrough: The Power of Communication with IM

Mom came to me one afternoon, and in telling her story her eye’s teared up. She had phoned home from work one afternoon, and her daughter Joanne answered the phone! This was the first time that this had EVER happened! Mom was thrilled as she was able to ask her daughter questions and have them answered. She also noticed that her daughter was much more interested in going to school and church functions. She actually asked to invite a classmate over for a play date.

Kate’s Articulate Progress: Enhancing Language and Storytelling Skills

Kate made excellent progress. She showed even more progress in her ability to follow multiple-step commands, her use of morphological markers, and giving better details in a logical manner for storytelling. Kate’s articulation skills improved so dramatically that direct articulation therapy was not even necessary.

Eileen’s Focus and Confidence Boost: IM’s Role in Handwriting and Schoolwork Improvement

Eileen’s handwriting and schoolwork improved greatly as she learned to focus and process information delivered orally. Eileen now loves arts and crafts activities and did well selling Girl Scout cookies this year. She was ready to move on to more community-based physical activities and expressed an interest in swimming and dance class. Eileen is a much happier little girl who can now process, attend to, and interact with her environment.

Miranda’s Stylish Communication Transformation: IM’s Impact on Social Skills

Miranda has become an outgoing, communicative, sweet little girl. She has always had a flair for dressing with style, and now she is communicating with style, too!

Micah’s Focus and Emotional Balance: IM’s Impact on Gifted Students

Micah is a young boy who attends a school for gifted students. He has auditory processing and SI concerns. Additionally, while he hasn’t been diagnosed with ADHD, it does run in his family and he has been having trouble maintaining focus in school. Micah’s mother immediately reported fantastic results; Micah regained focus, his penmanship improved and he began completing his classroom task. At home, Micah’s mother reported the same impressive results. Micah was experiencing less intense emotional meltdowns, and less often.

Amanda’s Remarkable Progress: From Walker to Independence with IM

Today, Amanda stands without her walker or crutches for support. She no longer falls, even when distractions are present. She can swim easily, and her handwriting has dramatically improved. Amanda performs ADLs such as self-feeding, showering, getting into a vehicle, and buckling herself in a car independently. Her mother noted that Amanda was helping put groceries away and performing light clean-up tasks around the house. Interactive Metronome® has helped Amanda become a more functionally independent little girl.

Beth’s Driving Success: Achieving Independence with IM Program

Beth is a 17-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy. She is active in school events. Beth also travels to sporting events to report for the school newspaper. Her goal is to be able to drive and participate in driver’s education next school year. Beth’s occupational therapist recommended she go through the
Interactive Metronome® (IM) Program to meet her goals. Beth participated in driver’s education class at her school and then was ready to take her driver’s test. Her mother brought her to a “tune-up” IM session beforehand. Beth and her mother wanted to make sure she didn’t need any further treatment with IM. Beth went on to pass her driver’s test. She is now a licensed driver. Traditional therapy and other therapists had given up on her. However, with the use of the Interactive Metronome®, Beth was able to succeed and accomplish her goal.

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