Clinical Certification   Step 1 Step 2 Set-up Pro Equipment Software interface and it’s features Set-up a Long-Form Assessment (LFA What other therapies can be done along with IM[...]

Become IM-Home Provider

Become an IM-Home Provider  In order to provide IM-Home you must meet the following requirements: You must own or rent the IM Pro equipment. Please contact your representative for more information.[...]

The Science

Scientists now understand that when we do anything, from speaking to clapping, many parts of our brain are working together, in perfect time, to accomplish even simple tasks. If our[...]

Sports Enhancement

Sharpen your focus, synchronize, and execute! Improve your score with IM-Home!   Are you at the peak of your training and feel that you are missing somthing? IM-Home is the[...]


Regain your independence Move forward with IM-Home!   Parkinson’s disease affects a variety of tasks including: Difficulty with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) Trouble Walking or Maintaining Balance Impaired Thinking[...]


IM helps sufferers recover lost connections! Strokes are one of those devastating life events that can strike anytime and anywhere. Strokes, or cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), can cause problems with movement,[...]


Achieve your goals… Break free with IM-Home!   Are you or a loved one, having trouble with: Balance Standing or walking Use of prosthetic limb(s) Activities of daily living (ADL’s)[...]


Get rid of disturbances Experience life with IM-Home!   Does your child suffer from SPD/SID? Is your child: Hypersensitive to touch Hypersensitive to sound Under-responsive to stimuli Dyscoordinated Having trouble[...]


Concentrate on your tasks Learn with IM-Home!   Does your child have: Difficulty following directions Trouble learning new information Poor memory Trouble focusing on schoolwork or other tasks Difficulty reading[...]


Listen to the Sound… Connect with IM-Home!   Is your child: Having difficulty interpreting sounds Having trouble following directions Uncomfortable in noisy environments  Having trouble remembering lectures at school Performing[...]

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