Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

IM training helps those with MS get on with their daily lives! Nerve fibers are the brain’s information highways; they carry electrical impulses to muscles, glands and other neurons. These[...]


IM helps sufferers recover lost connections! Strokes are one of those devastating life events that can strike anytime and anywhere. Strokes, or cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), can cause problems with movement,[...]


IM training restores lost mobility! There are times when a limb must be removed in order to save a life. Unfortunately, millions of people know what it is like to[...]


Achieve your goals… Break free with IM-Home!   Are you or a loved one, having trouble with: Balance Standing or walking Use of prosthetic limb(s) Activities of daily living (ADL’s)[...]


IM, training for the brain and body! Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common motor disability in children, but also leads to problems with speech, vision and cognition. CP is[...]


Get rid of disturbances Experience life with IM-Home!   Does your child suffer from SPD/SID? Is your child: Hypersensitive to touch Hypersensitive to sound Under-responsive to stimuli Dyscoordinated Having trouble[...]


Concentrate on your tasks Learn with IM-Home!   Does your child have: Difficulty following directions Trouble learning new information Poor memory Trouble focusing on schoolwork or other tasks Difficulty reading[...]


Learning to succeed! Children with learning disabilities (LD) can present a variety of challenges for parents and educators. Untreated, these children may also face difficult and unique challenges that are[...]


It’s TIME to focus on rhythm!   IM synchronizes and improves the efficiency of our internal brain clock(s), which improves temporal processing and neural efficiency. Since conditions such as PDD-NOS,[...]


Listen to the Sound… Connect with IM-Home!   Is your child: Having difficulty interpreting sounds Having trouble following directions Uncomfortable in noisy environments  Having trouble remembering lectures at school Performing[...]

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