Adult Specialization

Every client presents to you with differences in medical status, cognitive and linguistic status, multi-system deficits, environmental issues and support systems. As with any treatment modality, a one-size-fits-all approach to your patients is a terrible idea.

Learn how to individualize clinical application of the IM from 18 through the geriatric age range. Participants will learn the skills necessary to adapt to often fluctuating clinical presentations with individualized treatment approaches that are engaging and motivating to the adult patient. We also take into consideration that the IM will be used at the inpatient bedside, the therapy gym or at home assisted by a caregiver. We’ll show you how the IM is the most adaptable tool you’ll carry in your therapy tool kit.

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Public Live Adult Course Schedule

There are no Live Adult Courses scheduled this quarter. Please check back later.

Self-Study Adult Best Practices Course: Cognitive Skills

Self-Study Adult Best Practices Course: Motor Skills

Do you work with adults who are at-risk for a fall?

Learn more about how IM helps with Fall Risk Reduction

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