Fall Risk Reduction Certification & Coaching


Fall Risk Reduction Certification & Coaching

All professionals working in medical/hospital, rehabilitation, skill nursing, assisted-living, and home health settings recognize the important role they each play in preventing falls. Assessing fall risk, modifying the environment for increased safety, patient/caregiver education/training and rehabilitation all contribute to fall prevention. Despite all of the emphasis and effort placed upon fall prevention, it remains a costly problem for most institutions and for patients who suffer from the debilitating effect of falls. This program is designed to educate and certify participants in Interactive Metronome’s® Fall Risk Reduction Program. This six-webinar on-demand series focuses on incorporating Interactive Metronome® (IM) into the treatment plan with various patient populations at risk for falling, while emphasizing two often-overlooked features of fall prevention: 1) that each professional who encounters the patient is responsible for identifying fall risk and intervening to prevent falls, and 2) how timing in the brain (or temporal processing) is at the heart of fall risk and prevention, including its effect on several systems: musculoskeletal, proprioceptive, oculomotor, vestibular, cognitive and communicative.


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*Participants must be IM-Certified before under-taking this advanced training.
Contact hours are offered pending successful completion of a written exam at the end of the course. 

Why Fall Risk Reduction?

The IM Fall Risk Reduction Coaching & Certification Program teaches an interdisciplinary team (SLP, OT, PT, Educator, etc.) how to use Interactive Metronome to improve balance, focus, and ability to have divided attention during movement. Gait was once thought to be an automatic activity, requiring very minimal executive function resources. Research now shows that gait requires some level of attentional or executive function resources. Patients that demonstrate decreased ability to maintain normal gait while performing a cognitive task have been shown to be at a higher risk for falls. The Fall Risk Reduction Coaching & Certification Program addresses patients’ needs in a multi-system, dual tasking mode to achieve treatment outcomes directly related to decreasing the risk of falling. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will certified in the IM Fall Risk Reduction Protocol and will be able to immediately apply the principles learned in this course to design & implement discipline-specific treatment plans that effectively decrease the risk of falling.

Program Includes:

Fall Risk Reduction Best Practice Kit               Fall Risk Reduction Exercise Manual

Kit 2  FRRP-Manuals

Fall Risk Reduction Agenda

  • Module 1: Overview of Program & Research (35 minutes)
  • Module 2: Patient Selection & Assessments (70 minutes)
  • Module 3: Designing an Exercise Program (80 minutes)
  • Module 4: Grading the Task (80 minutes)
  • Module 5: Discharging the Patient (65 minutes)
  • Module 6: Case Study (30 minutes)

CEUs Offered:

0.6 ASHA (SLP)


*Approved for PTs & PTAs in Florida (6.0 CEH)

PTs & PTAs may submit paperwork to your state board for CEUs.

Check your state for eligibility.





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