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Processing Speed and Precision: Unearthing the Science Behind Interactive Metronome® Technology

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Adult, Pediatric, Cognitive Skills, Motor Skills

In this comprehensive literature review, the author explored the wide-ranging effects of Interactive Metronome (IM) training on brain functions, including brain plasticity, hemispheric interaction, motor planning, attention, memory, language, evoked potential electrical signal, and soft signs.

The review posits that IM likely enhances the speed of brain processing while reducing variability or “noise”, leading to more efficient signal processing. Efficient signal processing is linked with higher IQ scores and improved task performance.

The topics examined in this review were extensive, covering everything from the brain regions activated by specific movements, the connection between motor planning and sensory processes, and the differing stages of learning acquisition and retrieval based on which side of the body is engaged.

The author also delved into the broad brain activations that simple movements can trigger, affecting activities such as memory and sequencing as well as sensory input areas. Other areas of investigation included the role of the corpus callosum, the inefficiencies in the central nervous system and motor deficits in ADHD, response inhibition deficits in conditions like ADHD, Tourette’s, and OCD, and how movement programs can improve response times in discrimination tests.

The review concludes with an exploration of the brain activation processes involved in motor learning, and how movement plays a vital role in creating patterns that end up in long-term memory.

Abridged Summary & Results of Study

Processing speed and motor planning: the scientific background to the skills trained by Interactive Metronome® technology

AUTHOR: Susan J. Diamond


YEAR: 2003

This author reviewed the literature pertinent to brain plasticity, hemispheric interaction, motor planning, attention, memory and language, the role of the evoked potential electrical signal, and the role of soft signs to discover more about the brain interactions witnessed following IM training.


  • Interactive Metronome (IM) likely increases speed of brain processing, and reduces “noise” or variability, making it more efficient as a signal processor. Efficient signal processing has been demonstrated to be associated with higher IQ scores and better task performance.
  • Some of the topics covered include:
    • Brain regions activated by a precise menu of movements
    • Intimate connection between motor planning and sensory processes
    • How learning acquisition and retrieval stages differ and are influenced by which side of body is engaged
    • How widespread brain activations occur with even simple movements, and affect brain activities including memory and sequencing as well as sensory input areas
    • How motor routines alter hemispheric interactions in specific ways
    • The role of the corpus callosum
    • Central nervous system inefficiency & motor deficits in ADHD
    • Response inhibition deficits associated with ADHD, Tourette’s, OCD and other disinhibition syndromes
    • How response speed and the ability to inhibit responding appropriately are both associated with learning, with ADHD, and with developmental difficulties
    • How response times in discrimination tests can be improved by a movement program
    • Brain activation processes involved in motor learning, and how early learning of skilled movements involves a subset of the same widely distributed brain network for motor execution
    • How movement plays a role in establishing patterns that go into long term memory

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