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Beating Attention and Coordination Challenges: A Boy’s Journey with Interactive Metronome® Training

Published in Physiotherapy Theory and Practice


Pediatric, Cognitive Skills, Motor Skills

This case study focused on a 9-year-old boy suffering from attention and motor coordination issues.

The child participated in Interactive Metronome (IM) training for a total of 15 sessions over 7 weeks, with each session involving 1,500 to 2,000 repetitions.

Before starting the IM training, the boy showed significant delays in both fine and gross motor skills, as assessed by the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (BOTMP).

Particularly, his fine motor skills were below the 1st percentile compared to children of similar age. After the IM training, the boy exhibited noticeable improvements in most areas assessed by BOTMP, with the most notable improvement being a rise to the 14th percentile for fine motor skills.

In addition to these quantitative improvements, the boy’s parents reported enhanced flexibility, cooperation, and attention span following the intervention.

Abridged Summary & Results of Study

Interactive Metronome® training for a 9-year-old boy with attention and motor coordination difficulties

YEAR: 2005


A young boy demonstrated significant improvement in fine and gross motor skills following Interactive Metronome (IM) training. His parents also reported greater flexibility, cooperation and attention span.


  • n=1, 9 year old boy with nine-year-old boy with developmental delay and trouble with attention • pre-post assessment via Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (BOTMP)
    • pre: significant delay in both gross and fine motor skills, with the greater deficiency in fine motor skills (below the 1st percentile when compared to children of similar age)
    • post: improved in most areas assessed by BOTMP, most notably to 14th percentile for fine motor skills
  •  intervention: Interactive Metronome (IM) training for 7 weeks totaling 15 sessions (1,500-2,000 repetitions per session)

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