aslowas499IM-Home is infused with IM Universe Games!

IM-Home was developed so that clients can get the benefit of the Interactive Metronome even when they aren’t in the clinic.
IM-Home is perfect for:
  • Clients who are limited in how many times they can come to your clinic each week due to school/work schedules, distance, insurance or financial limitations.
  • Clients who would benefit from continued IM exercises even after they have been discharged for meeting their therapy goals.
  • Clients suffering from a degenerative condition who would benefit from daily IM exercises.

The IM-Home program is individualized and overseen by a Certified IM Provider.


An individualized program that doesn’t require you to physically go to an IM Provider.

Did you know

IM holds over 15 years of research under it’s belt?

IM-Home for Children

IM-Home for Adults

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