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Ash refused to let Autism Spectrum Disorder rule his life, learn how his grades and behavioral patterns greatly improved after training with Interactive Metronome.
Ash, a 10-year-old boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, didn’t typically struggle with his academics but had the tendency to speak out of turn, chew on his clothing or other items he found around him, and had trouble keeping his hands to himself which was often reflected in on his daily report card. After trying other modalities with no improvement, IM was introduced. Ash struggled getting used to the headphones and the rhythm but was excited to try this “new computer game with clapping”. Being a perfectionist, Ash refused to give up and wanted to do better. After months of IM training, he was able to meet his IM goal and it showed not only on his report card but with his abilities to stay on task in class and even lead his gym class in their warm-up exercises.

IM Training Improves Timing & Tunes Out Distraction!

Steven is a 9-year-old boy who had been diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. He and his mother were very concerned with his academic performance due to his trouble with processing and writing output. IM training was introduced to help Steven overcome his timing, handwriting and coordination skills. After 3 months of IM training, the distractions were now easy to “tune out” and his handwriting skills had improved tremendously, both Steven and his mother feel hopeful and confident as he begins his 4th-grade year!

Calling all AOTA Members!

Dr. Cheryl Miller-Scott, Vice President of Therapy Operations for HealthSouth/Encompass Health and member of Interactive Metronome Clinical Advisory Board, has had the prestigious honor of being nominated for a position[...]

Pediatric Conditions

Pediatric Conditions IM training can work for people from ages 1 to 100; however, some conditions affect children differently, and many lifelong conditions that can have a major impact on[...]

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