IM helps shave strokes off Dennis’ game

IM training is great for anybody. You don't have to be experiencing a deficit to benefit from timing & rhythm training. Like anything, practice makes perfect. Neurotiming is a skill that can be improved and that means improvement in daily life. Synchronizing the communication between brain and body has been shown to improve everything from working memory to balance and coordination. Find out how Dennis used IM training to gain an edge on the golf course and in daily life!

Improve Multi-tasking Ability with Interactive Metronome

Multi tasking and IM

The ability to multi task is a very important skill that we learn at a very young age. Typically when we enter a classroom, we are required to listen to a teacher while filtering out extraneous noises or while writing notes. This skill requires a tremendous amount of good quality focus that can be held even through distractions in our environment...

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