Innovative Pediatric Practice with IM: Improve Your Outcomes

This is a three part Course. Innovative Pediatric Practice with IM – Part 1 IM Assessment & Analysis:

The importance of an effective assessment and understanding of a clients cognitive, emotional and physical processing strengths and weaknesses cannot be understated. Drawing from his extensive experience, the presenter introduces an effective and efficient tool for the evaluation and analysis of the pediatric clients participation in the Interactive Metronome Assessment. This course will cover the interviewing process, initial problem solving and new ancillary assessment tool he created that is sensitive to cognitive, speech, neurological and physical performance. Each aspect of the assessment will be discussed and practiced by the audience and will be assisted by video’s to illustrate each of the performance areas.

Innovative Pediatric Practice with IM – Part 2 Developing the IM Treatment Plan: The analysis of the client’s performance during the IM long or short form and how it relates to Speech, OT, PT and Education frame of reference and practice is critical. Once attendees have mastered the scoring of the newly introduced Pediatric Interactive Metronome Observation Tool, they will learn how to analyze this data and develop a treatment plan. Understanding how processing strengths and weakness relate to function will assist the IM provider in maximizing the clients learning experience. Attendees will learn how to analyze the IM raw scores and observation tool and develop a treatment plan that addresses their clients cognitive, emotional, sensory and physical challenges and uses their measured strengths to facilitate their progression through the treatment plan.

Innovative Pediatric Practice with IM – Part 3 Implementation Strategies to Maximize Your Client’s Progress: It’s not enough to just have a good understanding of a clients cognitive, emotional, sensory or physical processing. The ability to match the clients strengths and weaknesses with advanced best practice techniques will enhance the quality and effectiveness of your treatment plan. This course will demonstrate with video’s and descriptions the techniques that address challenges and strengths identified in the analysis of IM scores and the Pediatric Interactive Metronome Observation Tool. Taking these tools and implementing them into the phases of IM training define IM best practice and the value of this approach for the pediatric client.

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