IM System Coaching Landing


At Interactive Metronome we are committed to giving our Providers more support than any other company of our kind. We want to make sure that you understand the ins-and-outs of our technology,  as such we have created the IM System Coaching Program so you can provide your clients with this state-of-the-art technology effectively.

This program will bring you soup-to-nuts what you need to get up and running with your In-Clinic and at-home IM practice.


The coaching program is divided into 3 segments:


Clinical Certification Agenda

IM-Home Certification Agenda

IM-Home Specialist Certification Agenda

Part 1 

  • Brief Review: IM hardware and software
  • Long Form Assessment: Getting Ready for Your First IM Client
  • Integrating IM System Into Clinical Practice: Complementary Therapies
  • Homework: Perform LFA, Turn in IM Home Demo Voucher

Part 1

  • Setting Up the IM Home
  • eClinic Tutorial
  • Authorizing a User License to Get Started
  • Your First IM Home Client: Setting Up & Completing the Long Form Assessment
  • Selecting & Modifying Training Templates
  • Homework: Complete 4 day IM Home Competency Training Plan (30 minutes per day)

Part 1

  • Ratings & Assessments
  • Your Responsibilities as an IM-Home Specialist
  • Using LFA Results to Select Training Templates
  • Scheduling IM Home Sessions
  • Motivating Your Clients Remotely for Success
  • Case Analysis
  • Interactive Client Discussion
  • Homework: Register for Q&A Session

Part 2

  • Long Form Assessment: Evaluating Results & Developing Individualized Training Plans
  • IM Training: Ongoing Monitoring & Assessment, Adapting Training Plans to Meet Client Needs
  • Different Client Presentations: Troubleshooting
  • Integrating the IM System into Current Clinical Practice: Getting Started
  • Homework: Complete 4 day IM Competency Training Plan (30 minutes per day)
    • Post-Test & Course Evaluation
  • **Upon successful completion, you will be able to register for the IM-Home Certification program and your facility qualifies for a FREE IM-Home Demo unit* (must own IM Pro 8.3)

Part 2

  • When & How to Adjust the Training Plan
  • Customizing Templates for IM Home Training
  • Identifying the Best Fit Between Clinic and Distance Training
  • Expanding Your Practice: Achieving Clinical Success & Profitability with IM Home
  • Post-Test & Course Evaluation
  • **Upon successful completion, you will receive a special IM-Home Certified Provider designation on the locator board.

Part 2

  • Evaluating Client Progress
  • Adjusting Training Plans
  • Interactive Client Discussion
  • Post-Test & Course Evaluation
  • **Upon successful completion, you will receive a special IM-Home Specialist designation on the locator board.

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