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Samuel, an 18 year-old boy, was seen for a speech and language evaluation based on physician referral for speech-language deficits secondary to Autism and ADHD.  He is an only child[...]

IM Clients

Why Interactive Metronome®? People of all ages have turned to IM to help them overcome a wide range of impairments. Whether you are looking to help your child do better[...]


IM training can help the lingering effects! Your brain is protected by a layer of fluid that cushions your brain keeps it from bumping into your skull. However, when you[...]

Adult Brain Injury

Helping you recover what matters most! Brain injuries are very different than any other injury because our brain stores all of our memories, controls our movements and shapes our personality;[...]

Adult ADHD

Leading the way in drug-free ADHD training! A wealth of information abounds concerning children with ADHD, and how television and video games are to blame. Well, at some point, those[...]


Don’t let Parkinson’s disease slow you down! Modern technology has extended the human lifespan, but diseases like Parkinson’s can rob someone of their quality of life during these later years.[...]


IM helps sufferers recover lost connections! Strokes are one of those devastating life events that can strike anytime and anywhere. Strokes, or cerebrovascular accidents (CVA), can cause problems with movement,[...]


IM training restores lost mobility! There are times when a limb must be removed in order to save a life. Unfortunately, millions of people know what it is like to[...]


IM, training for the brain and body! Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common motor disability in children, but also leads to problems with speech, vision and cognition. CP is[...]

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